“A girl and her intergalactic destroyer”

Films: Psycho Goreman (2020)

Alias: Psycho Goreman (PG, Arch-Duke of Nightmares), Alasdair, bio-cop, the Paladins of Obsidian (Darkscream, Cassius 3000, the Witchmaster), the Templars (Pandora), the Planetary Alliance

Type: Alien

Location: Eldritch Location/Civilized Area

Height/Weight: That of average humans.

Affiliation: Neutral (Alasdair), Evil (the rest)

Summary: You know those films where the alien or some other fantastical creature becomes the buddy of a kid or two? What if that being was one of the deadliest creatures in the galaxy? And he also happened to have a planet-sized bounty on his head? The children who found this guy didn't seem to mind.

History: Long ago on the planet Gigax, a simple slave to the tyrannical Templars uncovered an artifact of tremendous power. The Gem of Praxidice. With it, the slave rebelled against his captors, and formed the Paladins of Obsidian so that they could vanquish their foes. However, he and his army graduated to wanting to destroy the entire universe, and it was only stopped when the Templars and the Planetary Alliance imprisoned him and sent him to a faraway planet...called Earth. Now, he has been awakened, but the gem is in the hands of a bratty little girl. And unfortunately for him, that means he's completely within her control. Now wearing the name of Psycho Goreman, he ends up becoming an involuntary family member as his enemies and former friends prepare to strike again.

Notable Kills: Locks a man in a perpetual state of agony (until a boy tips him over and ends it). Also, see Final Fate.

Final Fate: After mowing down the Paladins who betrayed him, PG ends up facing off against Pandora, the strongest of the Templars and his mortal enemy. The fight starts out as a contrived ball game conceived by his human master, but a real fight later breaks out. PG is only able to prevail when the family gives him the power of love through singing. After eating Pandora, PG swears to keep killing everything with his newfound love power, though he spares them. The Planetary Alliance contemplates mass suicide before PG comes after them later.

Powers/Abilities: PG is nigh-invulnerable, telepathic, telekinetic, able to warp people into abominations, and can unhinge his jaws to eat people. Pandora can assume human form, turn others into Templars, use telekinesis, and turn her wings into a sword.

Weakness: Anyone in control of the Gem of Praxidice can control him. Aside from that, it's heavy artillery for almost everybody else.

Scariness Factor: 4-While there's some intentional cheese to how everyone and everything looks, this is a vile universe to live in. Almost every being is some violent and twisted soul out to destroy everything, or just make things worse. PG is by and large the worst of them all with his vast array of powers and utmost desire to wipe out all life. Sure, seeing him forced to dress up like Alan Grant is hilarious, but not when he's eating people alive and trapping them in madness. The Templars are hardly any better, with their pristine looks clashing with their utterly selfish acts.

Trivia: -PG was played by Matthew Ninaber, but was voiced by Steven Vlahos.

-PG's home planet Gigax is named after Gary Gygax, one of the lead creators of Dungeons and Dragons.

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MASSIVE trouble.

As if we needed further reminders Hell came to this world.

We offer no comment.

"Do not laugh. Death and all that."

Voted in three galaxies as 'Most Punchable Face' Man.

"Baseball is for WIIIMPS!"
An unofficial Keep sequel?

You thought the name was for show?

"The competition of who is more ugly starts!"

Nothing like a good sexual awakening to keep the apocalypse at bay.

"Urge to kill...rising."

...what else do you want us to say?

Purple giant? Already bad. Blue waffle? Worse.
Just play the DOOM music already.

Don't lie. This was you at some point.

Harvey Birdman's new direction.

Can we expect a giant Gila monster to show up?

Simple. Scream and flip the table over.

"What even is my life now?"

Oh, just cue the DOOM music.

You're all YEARS too late for Power Ranges Mystic Force.

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