"Not Even a Ring Left"

Film: Bride of Frankenstein (1935)

Alias: None

Type: Man-Made

Location: Haunted Home

Height/Weight: That of an average human.

Affiliation: Neutral

Summary: Lo and behold, the most short-lived monster in Universal's famous lineup. A creation of mad science that became an icon despite having almost bugger-all screentime. But for what it's worth, here's the rest of the obligatory bio.

History: Frankenstein's Monster, having survived his fiery fate from the last movie, has begun to finally develop social skills with the help of a few gentle souls, but he still feels oh so very lonely. The rest of the world is coming after his head, and his old creator has been collaborating with an even bigger science looney, Dr. Pretorius. The good news is that they intend to create a new mate for the creature. What could be better than that?!

Notable Kills: None.

Final Fate: As usual, Frankenstein's Monster finds nothing but disappointment, as his new "bride" instantly rejects him. The poor giant then proceeds to blow up the lab after letting his creator evacuate, proclaiming that he and his would-be mate belong dead. For the bride, that was it. For him, there could be no peace.

Powers/Abilities: None.

Weakness: Anything conventional.

Scariness Factor: 2-We will never know how effective this mutant would be without all those events. What we do know is that she has a pretty ear-piercing screech, and doesn't take well to strangers. But in the Monster's words, there's only one way to describe her potential: "Bad.".

Trivia: -The monster was played by Elsa Lanchester in a role that remained the only role that could be considered a major one for her, as the rest of her career was supporting roles.

-This film had a few censorship issues due to some select scenes depicting violence and/or scenes quite unorthodox, such as implied necrophilia from the Monster. Justified or overreacting on the censor's part? You make the call!

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Doctor, we didn't need THAT big of an analysis on her body.

Why, it couldn't be the person on the RIGHT...

This is hard to look at in hindsight.

The look on her face says it all.
Key word: Fear. Her basic emotion.

One with less fire-hair, please.

Here comes the bride...not wide at all!

Trust me, she won't be with us for long.