"It's ALIVE!"

Film: Frankenstein (1931), Bride of Frankenstein (1935), Son of Frankenstein (1939), The Ghost of Frankenstein (1942), Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man (1943), House of Frankenstein (1944), House of Dracula (1945), Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein (1948)

Alias: None

Type: Man-Made

Location: Haunted Home/Forest/Civilized area

Height/Weight: Slighty larger than the average human.

Affiliation: Neutral

Summary: Who doesn't know of the tragedy that is Professor Frankenstein? The man who dared to play God, Frank's seen things no man should, but what of the monster he created? Indeed, Frankenstein's monster has been through absolute Hell, and no amount of apparent death will stop it.

History: Professor Henry Frankenstein has always dreamt of creating the perfect human being, and he has all the equipment to do it. He even has an evil hunchbacked lab assistant. He just needs the body parts to do it. Unfortunately, unbeknownst to him, that assistant brought in the brain of a convicted criminal as the final puzzle piece. Upon being brought to life, this new being is quick to lash out at anything it views as a threat. And society's disgust with him is where this monster's problems only begin...

Notable Kills: A tragically unintentional one occurs when the monster tries playing a game with a little farmgirl. After running out of petals to throw into the water, the monster decides that she's able to float. She isn't. You can practically see the monster's heart break.

Final Fate: Frankenstein's monster can't stop dying. He's been in a burning windmill, blew himself up alongside his not-so-loving "bride", cast into a pit of sulfur, stuck in about two burning buildings, gotten stuck in a flood alongside feared werewolf Larry Talbot, and stuck in quicksand. It was in a third collapsing castle that the monster just gave up and walked into the fire, welcoming death.

Powers/Abilities: Sheer brute strength.

Weakness: Anything conventional.

Scariness Factor: 2.5-Frankenstein sure made for one imposing, hulking brute. But honestly, it's easier to pity this poor sap rather than hate on him. No matter how many times he tries to find companionship or peace, there's always something or someone to screw it all up. No wonder he began to accept death so quickly.

Trivia: -In the original ending to Mary Shelly's original story, Frankenstein chases his monster all the way to the North pole, where they both die.

-Universal's take on the Frankenstein monster has been played by, in order, Boris Karloff, Lon Chaney, Jr., and Glenn Strange.

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Well, not really, but...

Frankenstein Conquers the World...for real.

Hammer has an influence even before it got off the ground.

"That's just my roomate."

A better place lies up there, friend.

Doctor, we didn't need THAT big of an analysis on her body.

Why, it couldn't be the person on the RIGHT...

This is hard to look at in hindsight.

The look on her face says it all.

The doctor will swap you now.

The lesser of two evils of the mind would be the creature, thank you.

Are we watching a Frankenstein anime now?


"Somebody please end me."

Larry rose from the grave before Dracula ever made that a worthy title.

"'Bout time we kicked them out!"

These 3 landlords are hell, I tell you.


"Can I die again? Please?"
Bit of an awkward pose there.


That would be the body that supplies his...well...

Just wait until this place bursts into flames.

Key word: Fear. Her basic emotion.

"I'm pretty much numb to the pain."

When the Monster finally started getting serious, everyone paid.

We get it. He's sad. Some reprieve would be nice.

A rabid Werewolf! Take him down!

Beware the Albino Werewolf.
Too bad some outdoor plumbing ruined their battle.

"Do not want, actually!"

THIS is the hunt that ends the monsters lives?!

Yeah, somebody fire the artist.

"This time, I have the spotlight, freak."
"I take it you're my mom."

One imperfect, the other even more imperfect.

He also could cry...and he will.

All the implements needed for tragedy.

This will not end well, despite how it looks now.

One will less fire-hair, please.

"I not only demand a mate, but also justice."

Pretty much the longest friendship he's ever had.

"New friend, help me realize why I'm wearing this."

"I looked hideous before, but this is pushing it!"

He's not a ghost, he's just really sleepy.

"Who's kid is this? Can I have her body? Not in that way, you pervert!"

Larry's worried about the wolf on the cover.

Wait until the Manson family rises.

Much better than the Devil Times Five.

As pale as a sheet and grim as...well, himself.

He looks good to me, but the snaggle has to go.

"I gave him Nico Robin's power!"

The Ghost of Frankenstein...before the ghost of Frankenstein.

"Hello, DAD..."

Trust me, she won't be with us for long.

"I also demand more dialogue!"

Sweet release...or not.

"That woodchipper was awfully mean."

King, eh? Just wait until Japan gets 2 holes blasted into it...

Their battle auras are very indicitive.

Dracula's not here due to his hatred of the Land of the Rising Sun. The pun is right there!