"One of Us, One of Us"

Film: Freaks (1932)

Alias: Hans and Frieda, the Siamese Twins, Schlitzie, the Half-Woman Half-Man, Half Boy, the Armless Girl, the Human Skeleton, the Bearded Lady, Koo Koo, The Living Torso, Pinhead Pip and Zip, Bird Girl, Angelino, Cleopatra

Type: Natural

Location: Haunted Home

Height/Weight: Varies from half the size of an average human to its full size.

Affiliation: Good

Summary: When the world looks down on you for your looks, the only option is to find others similarly blighted by fate, and band together. Indeed, the circus freaks of this place are a tight-knit family. And if you harm one, then you bet your sorry ass you've hurt them all.

History: The freaks have their own personal lives, but they almost always remain together in times of celebration or crisis. In this case, there was a crisis, as rich midget Hans was being played for a fool by the greedy trapeze artist, Cleopatra. At first, the freaks are none the wiser, and accept the woman into their circle. Upon realizing that she's all body but no soul, well...

Notable Kills: See Final Fate for a bit of this and something far worse...

Final Fate: The freaks manage to confront Cleopatra and her true love, strong-man Hercules. They proceed to corner her while armed to the teeth, and make a freak out of her. And by that we mean turn her into a grotesque duck-lady hybrid. Tarred and feathered taken to the most extreme, indeed. Also, Hercules is straight-up castrated.

Powers/Abilities: None except their strong sense of companionship.

Weakness: Anything conventional.

Scariness Factor: 1-This is a strict 1 because if you want to ridicule and shout disgust at these guys, you have a hole for a heart. The freaks are actually the most sympathetic characters in this entire story. Affable and kind to those who return the feelings, they only hurt those who truly deserve it. Then again, they're terrifyingly creative...

Trivia: -All of the freaks (barring the duck-lady) were very much real. For example, the Living Torso was a freak with the stage-name Prince Randian.

-The film was so controversial with its subject matter that it was banned for decades until the VERY late 20th century. Talk about being way ahead of the times.

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So amazing it got banned for 30 years.

That face of jealousy.

Stop calling them children. Now.

I can see why marriage here would be a problem.

Who needs legs when you have a gun?
More like heartbreak.

Heck of a family here.

First one to compare me to the Gerber baby gets whacked.

Who could forget this gem?

No need for baths, at least.
Spoilers right out of the starting gate.

The initiation looks more sane than...other initiations, really.

You REALLY do not want to know what they do to that jerk.
Those shadows down there had better be false advertising.

Depends, really.

Now, who would harm these angels?

A clown I won't run screaming from.

Offend one...and you offend them all!

Good luck sleeping now.