"A Lady and her Gorilla"

Film: Mighty Joe Young (1949)

Alias: None

Type: Natural

Location: Jungle/Civilized area

Height/Weight: Twice the size of a normal gorilla.

Affiliation: Good

Summary: Not all gorillas in movies were sadistic, man-destroying killers. Some just needed a little love. And while Kong and his kind kinda-sorta count, no one really took off with it like the loyal giant ape, Joe Young. No matter what happened, nothing could break the bond he had with his human surrogate big sister.

History: Joe was found as a baby by some folk living in Africa, orphaned and alone. One of them, a little girl named Jill Young, decided that she would take care of the baby, no matter how dangerous it could possibly get. And as it turns out, Joe grew to have a rather nice disposition, especially around his "big sister". However, twelve years into their relationship, Jill began to face financial struggles, and according to some visiting humans, the only way out of it was Joe. So the two were sent to work at a nightclub in Hollywood, and instantly became a smash hit with audiences. But alas, much like other stars who were literally thrown into the spotlight, poor Joe became depressed and homesick. Then a bunch of sly idiots tried to intoxicate him, and it all went downhill from there.

Notable Kills: None.

Final Fate: After running from the law with his pals after a totally-his-fault (NOT!) accident at the nightclub, Joe comes across a burning orphanage, and nearly kills himself rescuing them all. Convinced of Joe's nobility and innocence, the law allows Joe and his family (with a few new additions) to go back to Africa to live happy lives.

Powers/Abilities: Unless you can wrestle a bunch of lions to death, you won't be as strong as Joe.

Weakness: Anything conventional.

Scariness Factor: 2.5-Joe is ultimately a child in a gorilla's body, reacting to just about everything with wide-eyed idealism most of the time, but entering vicious tantrums when people hurt him. And boy, is it a terrible idea to tick him off. Because if you do, prepare to get your bones pounded into paste. That said, he is a forgiving type.

Trivia: -This was stop-motion effects maestro Ray Harryhausen's first big film debut under tutelage of "King Kong" animator Willis O' Brian.

-Gorillas are indeed complex in terms of emotions and intelligence due mainly to being related to humans, to the point where rumor has it that they have their own religious beliefs and concepts of good and evil.

Image Gallery

"My sister is off limits!"

"Oh, good. No more fir-OH GOD, LION!"

Joe is triggered.

"This is the fakest vine I've ever seen."

"I'll never do alchohol agai-hey, what's that?"

"You mad, men?"

"Get off our jungle!"

Homer Simpson if he let loose once in a while.

"Color! AAHHHH!"
Out of the...fire...and into the...forget it.

Realism makes things all the more WORSE.

"I'm the king! SHUT UP!"

Gwangi would follow suite in the humiliation.

"Stop cheering and HELP ME!"

"I've lifted boulders heavier than this! FEAR ME!"

"Either I'm a small gorilla or that's a huge horse and man."

"Sis, after this, I want a raise."

Average reaction to the thought of a Lion King live-action flick.