"Rise of the Slurpasaurs"

Film: One Million B.C (1941)

Alias: Dwarf Triceratops, Mastadon, Allosaurus, Giant Monitor Lizards, Giant Armadillo, Giant Coatimundi, Giant Snake, Giant Dimetrodon, Giant Tegus, Giant Rhinoceros Iguana

Type: Ancient

Location: Desert/Jungle

Height/Weight: About as big as large trucks.

Affiliation: Neutral

Summary: There was a point in prehistory when man was not the dominant life form on Earth. Back then, man lived under the shadow of bigger, deadlier animals, and he knew it. But man did not give up. Rather, it persisted like an irritating boil until that boil became a cancer for the Earth.

History: Tumak seemed like the perfect caveman, capable of standing his own ground with brutality and ferocity. But his equally brutish friends, the Rock Tribe, decide that he's just not cut out for the living, and kick him out. The good news is that the much more peaceful neighboring Shell Tribe takes him in with open arms. The bad news is that he's still stuck in a world where giant reptiles and mammals reign supreme.

Notable Kills: Nothing special.

Final Fate: The Triceratops is killed and roasted for food, the Allosaurus is stabbed to death by Tumak, the coatimundi kills the giant snake, the Dimetrodon leaves the tegu a bloody mess, several monitor lizards and tegus fall into fissures and chasms, and the iguana gets buried under a rock slide. Man has prevailed on this day.

Powers/Abilities: Nothing except brute strength.

Weakness: Anything conventional.

Scariness Factor: 2.5-Most of the creatures, like the armadillo and that ridiculously limp Allosaurus, are impossible to take seriously. While others like the Dimetrodon command a bit of ferocity, especially when the former disposes of the tegu. But for the most part, these guys don't really do much.

Trivia: -The term "Slurpasaur" is a rarely used derogatory phrase meant for when typical reptiles are used in a film to substitute for actual dinosaurs.

-We saved this spot just to tell you that the dwarf Triceratops in the movie is actually a pig in a costume. Yeah.

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Quite a balancing act.

Not as brutal as what goes on in the film proper.

If that tagline is to be believed...is that lizard and man having a domestic dispute?

Tumak? No. Turok? Oh, YES.

Impressive bite for the underdog.
Are we in a cartoon now?

Seriously. Are we in a cartoon?

We all knew who was going to win, guys.

Saw that one coming.

Babies in peril. That's ONE way to get an audience.

They really let themselves go.

"I just wanted to complain about the noise."