"It's All Gone Kong"

Film: King Kong (1933), Son of Kong (1933)

Alias: King Kong, Stegosaurus, Brontosaurus, Tyrannosaurus, Elasmosaurus, Pteranodon, Koko the Little Kong, Styracosaurus, Cave Bear, Nothosaurus, Cetiosaurus

Type: Ancient

Location: Jungle/Civilized area

Height/Weight: Ranges from that of an average human to that of a small building.

Affiliation: Good and Neutral

Summary: And now we bring you the island that spells doom for all who dare to set foot on it. This is Skull Island, and it is a place that has not seen change in millions of years. Its natives bow mindlessly to the greater beings that inhabit it, chief of which is the monster gorilla we're all duly familiar with: King Kong.

History: Director Carl Denham has been hoping to make it big for some time now. He's seen his fair share of exotic locations to film, but the mystery and wonder of Skull Island is what brings him to the unknown place. Alas, he's gotten more than he ever bargained for, and he'll be brought back there more than once, that's for sure. So long as he brings along a hot dame for the big ape there to fawn over.

Notable Kills: Isn't it a little jarring to see a gorilla eat people? Or that Brontosaurus, no less?

Final Fate: Kong gets shot by planes and falls off the Empire State Building after being shipped to New York, the Stegosaurus gets smoked bombed into submission, the Tyrannosaurus gets its jaw fatally broken by Kong, and Koko beats the bear and the Nothosaurus into submission, the latter of which his smacks with a tree branch. As for all the other inhabitants, nothing matters, as the whole island is taken under the murky depths by a random earthquake. Even the poor Little Kong, who sacrifices himself to prevent Denham from drowning.

Powers/Abilities: Nothing except brute strength and intelligence.

Weakness: Anything conventional.

Scariness Factor: 3-It says something when you've managed to make a Brontosaurus look and act intimidating. Just about everything on Skull Island wants humans dead. And while Kong's no slouch either with how he curbstomps almost everything in his path, he has a bit of a goofy close-up smile. His son isn't even scary in the slightest.

Trivia: -There was going to be a scene involving humans in a pit full of grotesque lizards and arthropods, but the cut of it has only been seen by a select few. Peter Jackson and friends recreated it, and it ain't pretty.

-The largest ape that ever lived was the allegedly 3-meter tall Gigantopithecus Blacki, though we only know of its existence through tooth bones.

Image Gallery

Kong wastes no time getting rid of what irks him.

Oh, hey. A color version.

What's with the Joker grin?

"Is there something in my teeth?!"

Hilarious or nightmaric? You make the call!

Did they just both get hit with a mallet?

"Keep it down! I'm on a date!"

A reminder that he's still...kind of a silly ape.

They make for a killer dance duo.

"Oh, please. I've taken down flying things that actually bit off a few of my fingers! This is nothing!"

How is he holding that gun? Or map? I dunno.

This...CAN'T be one of the promotional materials.
Yeah, there's gonna be a whole bunch of size displacement.

The King

A Ghost Ape! Run!

A giant fan and a portal do not mix.

"Where dem natives at?!"

"Guys, I think I broke the lady!"

"MY EYES!!!"

King Kong III: The Last Temptation of Kong

Make a pea-brain joke and those tail-spikes get you.

You really don't want to know what happened to that dinosaur.

Even kings can be mortal.

Kiko starts to reconsider this adventure about to happen.

Kiko: The Most Dangerous Meat-Shield.

"Wait. How did I get here?"

The newest definition of "Eat Lead".
The new king of New York.

The Tyrant

Somebody gave the monsters drugs again.

Foreshadowing, much?

"Why are we in a 60s music video?"

Will you stop making him THAT sinister?

Largest woman or smallest Kong?

Lousy day to go climb the Empire State Building.

"I haven't even moved this thing yet."

There can be only ONE king.

Kind of a lousy king, actually.

A carnivourous sauropod is actually a frightening idea.

Joe Young?! Is that you?!

Injuries like this can lead to other types of healing.

This serpent gets ready to make a meal of the traitor.
"My ass is on fire! HELP!"

The Calvalry

Wow. Just...wow.

You really let yourself go, Kong.

The Facts of Life by the Natives.


You know what? Fetch me my gatling gun.

Don't get cocky too soon, you flying reptile.

Twas Beauty that Killed the Beast.

So easy just for that rock to snap off the cliff...

"....I need an adult."

"I'm feeling like a Russian today!"

C'mon! You basically broke into the Nothosaur's house!