"Yeti Tragedy"

Film: Half-Human (1956)

Alias: Master, Yeti

Type: Natural

Location: Tundra/Forest/Cave

Height/Weight: Slightly larger than the average human.

Affiliation: Neutral

Summary: Big apes seem to be a thing when it comes to cryptozoological curiosities across the world. America has Bigfoot, Australia has the Yowie, Japan has the Hibagon, and of course, south Asia has the Yeti, or Abominable Snowman. And like all these apes, he doesn't take well to most strangers.

History: There used to be many Yetis in the Himalayas, but that was before they started eating large quantities of amanita muscaria, which poisoned and killed them all. That is, all but a lone Yeti and his young child. Together, they made a living in their race's old cavern, and ended up being worshipped as deities by a group of inbred loonies with nothing better to turn to. However, the Yeti's constant searching for companionship lead to humans coming in to investigate. Unfortunately, one group of men wanted the Yeti and his kid for money and exploitation. Sadly, it led to the kid getting fatally shot, and the Yeti going on an absolute warpath just for that.

Notable Kills: The effect is a little hokey, but the scene of the Yeti picking up and throwing the lead greedster off a cliff was both karmic and fascinating with the man hitting rocks like a ragdoll.

Final Fate: After being confronted in his cave, the Yeti is pushed by one of the village girls into a pit of sulfuric lava, killing them both. It's the story where no one wins! Hooray!

Powers/Abilities: Rather intelligent and strong for a centuries-old ape man.

Weakness: Anything conventional.

Scariness Factor: 2.5-We'd say to stay away from this brute of an ape man, but there's something very human behind that ugly face. A prime example is when he stumbles upon a tied up man. With no regard for who he might be, the monster picks him up, unties him, and just lets him go. Had those greedy idiots not ruined everything, perhaps the Yeti would have been okay with getting guests after all? That or maybe he just helps because he can.

Trivia: -The word, "Yeti" comes from the Tibetan phrase "Yeh-teh", which means "Rock bear".

-Amanita muscaria, or fly amantia, is indeed a real fungus, and can be found all across the southern hemisphere. However, its poisonous properties have resulted in a very small number of human deaths in contrast to the destruction of an entire species of stronger ape men.

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You know, King Kong already has his go at the Monster King.

If he was all monster, than how come he knew how to love?

Relationship counseling was something, alright.
Behold! His Black Bear ARMY!

Without his son, he once again knows loneliness.