"Baldy Veggie"

Film: The Thing from Another World (1951)

Alias: Killer Carrot

Type: Alien

Location: Tundra

Height/Weight: Slightly taller than an average human.

Affiliation: Evil

Summary: At some point while looking at this site, you're probably going to ask yourself, "How in Hell does anyone think that vegetables are scary?!". Well, look no further than the one that more or less started just that, and with a pretty high standard too.

History: This plant-based humanoid life-form came to Earth in a giant saucer. Or more accurately, it crashed landed into Earth and straight into the frozen North Pole. It managed to get out before collapsing and freezing over. Eventually, a group of scientists and U.S. army men found the saucer, accidentally blew it up, and found the frozen body. After warming it up, it proceeded to try and take their blood to fertilize its brethren.

Notable Kills: Nothing special.

Final Fate: The alien is led into a trap that electrocutes it into ash, and its unhatched seeds are destroyed as well.

Powers/Abilities: The plant-man is asexual, and can produce its own seeds with enough blood. It can also grow back severed body parts, as well as take heavy damage, like fire.

Weakness: Electricity seems to be the only option.

Scariness Factor: 4.5-Stunning make-up work is one thing, but how about an almost invincible remorseless killer to boot? We didn't think so either.

Trivia: -The film is based on a 1938 short story by John W. Campbell titled "Who Goes there?".

-The Thing was played by James Arness, who would find greater recognition with his role in "How the West was Won".

Image Gallery

Try extraterrestrial.

Das Ding...try saying that without feeling a bit silly.

"There goes the toaster."

When aliens are really NOT in the mood for conversation.

Behold. The magic.

Beware the alien that thinks himself a God among men.

He's been quite busy, actually.


Grundy, NO!

And with that, the alien realizes what he's really in for. Hell.

Judging by this angle, he fixed his ship. Oh, joy.

The cold did a number on him, it turns out.
How? By ship, you idiot.

That doesn't even look like Antartica!

Bad thing that the next creature would be bad to the touch...


Pray he just smacks you with that wood. And JUST that.
Crawls? Really?

No wonder he crashed. There's so much space traffic.

Look, the moon just sneezed.

This walking carrot learns one thing: Fire hot, ow.

And kindle the flames!

Age regression?