"It's like a sauna in...well, the Antarctic"

Film: The Land Unknown (1957)

Alias: Pterosaur, Man-eating Vines, Giant Monitor Lizards, Tyrannosaurus, Elasmosaurus

Type: Ancient

Location: Jungle/River

Height/Weight: Ranges from that of an elephant to that of a small building.

Affiliation: Neutral

Summary: In all fairness, we as a curious species have been finding new species in the most unlikely of places. And while it's admittingly hard to convince anyone to go out to the coldest region on Earth, how in the Hell did we miss the fact that there is a flourishing ecosystem somewhere in the middle of the Antarctic?!

History: How is there lush greens and diverse prehistoric flora and fauna somewhere at the bottom of the world? Simple. A bunch of volcanic activity there has raised the temperatures and humidity significantly in that certain area, and anyone there trying to get away from the cold is all the better for it. But first they need to compete with the strict food chain there. Not sure about the air, but on land you have the towering T.Rex, and in the water you have the Elasmosaurus. And the latter of which seems to be in an endless conflict with a haggard survivor left stranded after an expedition gone wrong.

Notable Kills: Nothing special.

Final Fate: One of the monitor lizards is killed by another in a fierce conflict, one of the plants gets to eat a slow loris, and the Elamosaurus gets a flare gun to the mouth before she retreats. With the survivor rescued, he and the marine reptile end their rivalry with a draw. The Tyrannosaurus is also warded off by the rescue helicopter.

Powers/Abilities: Nothing except brute strength.

Weakness: Anything conventional, though the Elasmosaurus hates fire so much that she will retreat into the water upon contacting it. And unfortunately, that happens a lot.

Scariness Factor: 1.5-Aside from the monitor lizards, nothing here is all that intimidating. There's the stiffy, spazzy-eyed T-Rex, flimsy plantlife, and a pretty awkward Elasmosaurus with weird fish-eyes.

Trivia: -The plant's eating method is reminiscent of the pitcher plant, which uses a nectar-like substance on its rim to lure a variety of prey to their gaping maws full of digestive fluids.

-The Elasmosaurus was a fitting pick for a marine reptile, as it was one of the largest plesiosaurs (near-lizards) ever discovered.

Image Gallery

They don't call it unknown for nothing.

Are those...FIREBIRDS?!

Thankfully, that's the plant that ate the poisonous Tarsier. It's dead already.

The Elasmosaurus learns why fire's hot. Also, OW.
Poster as drawn by a major comic book industry. Okay, that's a lie, but still.

He's silly-looking, if you can get past the eyes.

The unlucky sap that landed the humans here in the first place.

Watch your foot, Tyrannosaurus Rex! You almost hit her!


These are no Stegosaruses. Stop trying to fool us.
A mural the museum would love.

Those blades look kind of sharp, guy.

The Elasmosaurus in all her nerdy glory!

Goodbyes are always hard. Though, I'd stear clear of that helicopter.

I told you to steer clear, missy!