"It Conquered a Few Humans"

Film: It Conquered the World (1956)

Alias: Ice cream cone, Tee-Pee Terror, Cucumber Critter, Carrot Monster, Denny Dimwit

Type: Alien

Location: Forest/Cave

Height/Weight: The size of a slightly larger corpse flower.

Affiliation: Evil

Summary: If "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" and its anti-communist message was too subtle for you, here's Beluah. This vaguely vegetable-shaped alien thought that the element of surprise was overrated, and decided that he'd be more bombastic with his approach. That is, depending on your definition of bombastic.

History: Beluah came from a dying breed on Venus. It was believed that there were only nine of his kind left scattered across the galaxy. He managed to get to Earth with the assistance of a cynical scientist, who was inspired by Beluah's proposal to rid the world of its woes by ridding it of emotions altogether. However, the would-be tyrant first took out said scientist's hometown's power before sending his scouts to make slaves out of the locals.

Notable Kills: Apparently his main strategy is too hug his foes to death.

Final Fate: After the scientist realizes the error of trusting Beluah, he takes a blowtorch to the monster's eye, incinerating him from the inside. Beluah manages to kill the scientist in the process of dying himself. Peter Graves is there to reflect on the alien's foiled plan:

"He learned almost too late that man is a feeling creature... and because of it, the greatest in the universe. He learned too late for himself that men have to find their own way, to make their own mistakes. There can't be any gift of perfection from outside ourselves. And when men seek such perfection... they find only death... fire... loss... disillusionment... the end of everything that's gone forward. Men have always sought an end to the toil and misery, but it can't be given, it has to be achieved. There is hope, but it has to come from inside, from Man himself."

Powers/Abilities: Beluah can knock out the electrical power within a reasonable radius with his antennae. He is also the master of several bat-like "scouts" that latch onto hosts and allow their master to control their minds. He is also impervious to bullets sans a few soft spots.

Weakness: The only penetrable spots on Beluah are his eyes.

Scariness Factor: 2-This stiff, flailing, veggie-shaped monster is very difficult to take seriously. It doesn't matter how terrifying its powers are, none of it matters when you look this ridiculous.

Trivia: -"Beluah" is a type of fungus, and the name that was given to the monster by his designer and portrayer, Paul Blaisdell.

-As you can probably tell by looking at the alias part of this bio, Beluah was the laughing stock of the whole production. At one point, lead actress Beverly Garland looked at him, said "THAT conquered the world?!", and kicked him over. Beluah had the last laugh in the film proper.

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Every critic...its foe.

Too bad we never get to seem what would happen if he WAS hit in the face with a rocket.

One of many flying yams-I mean Controllers.

E.T.D: The Extra-Terrestrial Druggie.

Give it up. Your dancing sucks.

If this film was accurate, Beaulah would be getting this everytime he went out on Venus.