"Dressed to Regress"

Film: Monster on the Campus (1958)

Alias: Donald Blake

Type: Mutant

Location: Forest

Height/Weight: That of an average human.

Affiliation: Neutral

Summary: Evolution builds on what the world doesn't need anymore. That's been the way of things for millions of years. But then some scientist found one of the world's most recognizable throwbacks, and B-movie logic proceeded to screw him over.

History: College professor Donald Blake had just found the perfect specimen presumably so that his students can pay attention for an extra ten minutes. And that specimen is a dead and rather ugly-looking coelacanth. However, this fish is not what it seems, as revealed when a German Shepard named Sampson goes berserk and grows long fangs. How? He came into contact with the coelacanth's irradiated blood. Because of course fish blood can make you turn into your prehistoric ancestor. Hell, the same thing happens to a dragonfly, turning it into a Meganeura. But none of those regressions compare to poor Blake, who gets turned into what can only be described as a were-anthropoid. Every night, the professor-turned prehistoric hominid stalks those who wander close to the campus...

Notable Kills: Blake-Ape kills a man by throwing a makeshift tomahawk at his face. Ouch.

Final Fate: Eventually, Blake is shot multiple times after being caught with a female victim. Right before he dies, he transforms back into his human self.

Powers/Abilities: As Blake-Ape, he has just a bit of knowledge as to how tools work, as well as strength.

Weakness: Anything conventional.

Scariness Factor: 3-Blake's design isn't very spectacular, but he's a sharp shot with those throwable weapons, so proceed with caution.

Trivia: -Meganeura is an extinct species of dragonfly from the Carboniferous period. To give you an idea of its size, it had the wingspan of an eagle.

-The earliest known ancestor of man comes from the Ardipithecus genus, which came into fruition around the Miocene Epoch in Africa.

Image Gallery

Jack the Giant Killer goes to College.

All your sins shall surround you, doctor.

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The technicolor terror.

"Larry the Cable Guy?! NOOO!"

Meganuera flies through the skies once more.

Fake size gets weaponized.

This actual living fossil turns out to be one heck of a catalyst.

"Who threw a pebble at my forehead?"

Keep your primeval blood infused bugs dead while you examine them, guy!

Humanity is the same as mortality.