Film: Caltiki-The Immortal Monster (1959)

Alias: None

Type: Unknown

Location: Haunted Home/Civilized area

Height/Weight: Being a blob, it varies.

Affiliation: Neutral, leaning on evil

Summary: When the Mayans predicted that 2012 was going to mark the endtimes, few took them seriously. But what if they only told us the warning with the least credibility on purpose? What if that calendar was a distraction from what really brought the once-great empire to its knees? Either way, it can't be good.

History: At some point centuries ago, the once-proud Mayans decided to jump ship and leave their great cities behind. No one knew why, but that was probably for the best. Apparently, the catalyst was Caltiki, a wrathful Goddess drunk on human sacrifice. Or a mutated radiation-eating blob monster that just got called Caltiki. We may never know which. Either way, Caltiki was a hard egg. So, when it came to future explorers, she wouldn't go down so easily, as once every century and a half or so, a radioactive comet would pass by Earth and give her power.

Notable Kills: We actually get to see the leftovers of Caltiki's recent victims. And trust us, partially eaten skeletal bodies aren't pretty. Some are even STILL DYING when they're found.

Final Fate: After multiplying for a brief moment, Caltiki and her duplicates are burned to crisps when the military shows up.

Powers/Abilities: Caltiki can fully regenerate from even her smallest remaining piece, and even duplicate herself if need be. She's also immune to most weaponry.

Weakness: Fire can melt away at her figure.

Scariness Factor: 3.5-We're going to be honest, Caltiki looks less like a blob and more like a pound of festering human flesh. It's all rather disturbing, especially when she's eating. Sadly, her pitiful weakness deducts some scares.

Trivia: -Yes, Mayans did indeed sacrifice their own to the Gods. That stereotype is sadly true.

-It's a subject of hot debate as to how the Mayans fell out of power despite their great knowledge and sophistication compared to most of the other Meso-American civilizations at the time. A common theory is that warfare and a lack of rain and environmental conservation might have had something to do with it.

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Hedorah before Hedorah.

"Living space is kind of cramped."

Fire is to Calitiki as ice is to the Blob.
You'll wish it was just Frankenstein's Monster causing trouble.

Who's bright idea was this anyhow?!

Keep in mind. He's still alive...

Slime Snuggie.