"The Real Men-In-Black"

Film: Not of This Earth (1957)

Alias: Paul Johnson, Vampire Plant

Type: Alien

Location: Civilized area

Height/Weight: That of an average human, though the plant is the size of an average grocery bag.

Affiliation: Evil

Summary: Mars, or in this case Davanna, doesn't need women! It needs blood! Our blood! Now if only it could get that pesky superiority complex out of the way.

History: After a supposedly brutal nuclear war, radiation poisoning has affected all of the planet Davanna's residents. With no cure in sight, agents were sent across the galaxy to find a substitute blood type that could save them all. Earth was deemed the worthiest candidate. The mission for codenamed operative, "Mr. Johnson", was simple: if the blood saves him, it's subjugation time for the human race! If he doesn't live, it's annihilation time for Earth! Win-win...yay? Oh, and among Johnson's gear is the seed of a vampiric floating plant-jellyfish thing used to dispose of potential enemies.

Notable Kills: The plant's method of killing is latching onto someone's face until it's oozing blood. Then the victim collapses.

Final Fate: After the failure to teleport humans to Davanna, the accidental intervention of another agent, and a fatal car crash, Mr. Johnson's mission can best be described as a beautiful failure. However, there are still more agents out there, seeking to save their race at the cost of another. As for that vampire plant, it was last seen sucking the blood out of someone's head. Might want to check that.

Powers/Abilities: The Davanna aliens are capable of controlling, communicating with, and destroying other people's minds for an extended period of time.

Weakness: Anything conventional.

Scariness Factor: 5-No matter how the mission ends, Earth is toast. It doesn't help that the agents look pretty ominous with their dark glasses and calculating demeanor. The vampire plant is pretty frightening too, even if it sounds somewhat like a Guinea pig.

Trivia: -Rather fittingly, the vampire plant very closely resembles a vampire squid, though the latter is significantly smaller and less dangerous.

-Paul Birch, the one who played Mr. Johnson, would eventually play as President Grant in "The Adventures of Rin Tin Tin".

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Turns out SOME things don't like being poked and prodded at.
A much WORSE alien would later come...the Dark...

You might want to keep your eyes on the road...

You sure HE isn't the alien?

"Creationist Radio...why must I suffer on this planet?"

That got bloody, quickly.
Shoot. That thing can vaporize people.

Turns out, no alien is an island.