"Brains, Brains Everywhere"

Film: Fiend Without a Face (1958)

Alias: None

Type: Mutant

Location: Forest/Haunted Home

Height/Weight: About the size of housecats.

Affiliation: Evil

Summary: If you thought the Arous Brains were freaky (you probably didn't), you haven't seen anything yet. How about a whole army's worth of brain-stem monsters with one goal in mind: forcefully suck out all of your brain contents.

History: Professor R. E. Walgate has been dabbling with the powers of the mind for quite some time. All was going well until he decided to turn the page of a book with his mind. He did it, but he ended up inexplicably creating an invisible monster with his consciousness. It escaped into the Canadian woods, where it multiplied into an army of invisible brain-suckers out to get humanity.

Notable Kills: One guy gets his brain sucked out while on the stairs. It's all tumbly-tumbly from there.

Final Fate: After the radiation levels nearby are increased, the beast's physical forms show, and they are all massacred after launching an assault on the humans. But the final blow is when the nuclear plant is blown up, causing them to collapse on the floor, melt into goop, and disappear.

Powers/Abilities: As long as the radiation levels are...level...the Fiends remain invisible. They can also suck out the contents of your brain when they latch onto you.

Weakness: Once visible, anything conventional. The loss of their power will also kill them all.

Scariness Factor: 3.5-The Fiends are a disgusting bunch, looking like someone ripped out a brain with the spine still attached. They can't be seen, and make a horrible lurching sound when they move. Upon being seen, disposing of them results in a gory, bloody mess. They're damn nauseating by 50's standards.

Trivia: -This film was based on the 1930 short story, "The Thought Monster".

-Upon release, the British Board of Film Censors was in uproar about the gory nature of the film's last half. Their loss.

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Okay, who gave the pilot permission to curve before ejecting?

"What do you MEAN it doesn't fit me?!"

All because of trying to flip a page.

Who put the feelers in the oven?


Being a Fiend doesn't make you bulletproof. At all.

A Fiend's final few moments were getting a little too grabby.

Stretching a Fiend's feelers can be bad for its health.

A Fiend Union is NOT to be taken lightly.

Hey, at least he made a great boa accesory!