"The Ants Go Marching, Two by Two, Hoorah, Hoorah..."

Film: THEM (1954)

Alias: None

Type: Mutant

Location: Desert/Underground

Height/Weight: About as big as Volkswagons.

Affiliation: Neutral

Summary: The only thing more polarizing to humans than politics and Marmite is the entire kingdom of arthropods. In other words, insects and spiders. Either we admire them, or we do everything in our power to squish them into nothingness. And in rare, atomic-infused situations, the scenario is reversed, like with those big ants from New Mexico.

History: Nuclear fallout had taken its toll on the barren areas of the mid-southern U.S., turning a once small colony of southern fire ants into giant meat-eating killers. It didn't take long for them to start multiplying until some young queens decided to seek greener pastures. After hitching a ride on a ship heading up north, they made their nest under L. A's streets.

Notable Kills: Nothing special, although they wreck the HECK out of an R.V and a ship.

Final Fate: Several ants are gunned down, but in the end, the queens and their eggs are torched to holy Hell. With all that said, the atomic age has only begun, in more ways than one.

Powers/Abilities: The ants have everything they had when they were small, but ten times worse. Larger stingers, bigger fangs, the works.

Weakness: Anything conventional, but striking the antennae renders their senses practically useless.

Scariness Factor: 4-They multiply like rabbits, they emit the most unnerving noise in the history of mankind, and they just look garish to begin with. The perfect storm, even if they can be easily killed.

Trivia: -This was the first "big monster bug" film in existence.

-Originally to be in color, the film's only shot that wasn't black and white ended up being the bright-red title.

Image Gallery

Great. They've become shadow-monsters.

Maybe we should be glad with the sorta-insect accurate design we got.

Most chaotic vacation ever.

Wait, they have actual mouths?!

May a crowd of Honeypot ants sing thee to thy rest.

What about New Jersey? Did they at least lay siege there?

Turns out, we're actually pretty effective at killing them all.

Guy on the right, stop looking so smug. Look behind you...

The first ant decides to make his debut.

The queens in all their glory.

Greetings were inevitably rather hostile.

A morbid toy, but okay.