"Sting-O the Volcano"

Film: The Black Scorpion (1957)

Alias: Giant scorpions, giant worm-thing, giant trap-door beetle

Type: Ancient

Location: Cave/Civilized area

Height/Weight: About a quarter the size of an average stadium. The beetle is the size of a large Volkswagen.

Affiliation: Neutral

Summary: At this point, monsters were coming out of just about every orifice of the Earth. So why not have a bunch of arthropods crawl out of an active volcano? Why the heck not?!

History: A volcano is formed in Mexico after a massive earthquake, causing untold amounts of devastation. Even worse, that volcano is very much active. Even worser, there are a bunch of giant arthropods, particularly scorpions, living in the caverns below. Even worsest, they wish to come right up to the surface.

Notable Kills: After one scorpion derails a train, the rest turn it into a buffet line.

Final Fate: The lesser scorpions are killed by the alpha, the worm thing is eaten by said scorpions, the beetle is gunned down, and the alpha gets an electric rod jammed into its throat, killing it.

Powers/Abilities: The scorpions are immune to bullets, and have deadly poison in their stingers.

Weakness: The scorpion's weak spot is the soft throat, while everything else can be dealt with through conventional means.

Scariness Factor: 3.5-Scorpions are freaky, plain and simple. They're like spiders with venom tails and armor. Big scorpions are just terrifying. It doesn't help that these particular scorpions have disturbingly humanoid-looking faces.

Trivia: -The most venomous scorpion is the Fat-Tail, while the largest is the Emperor.

-Believe it or not, several species have adapted to living near active volcanos, such as sea worms and shrimp.

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Why the mouth?! Seriously, why the mouth?!

They also panicked because Trump had become president.

A more dysfunctional family than the Manson one. Marginally.

The worm sags to kill.
Screams didn't help me during my math test.

"You're already dead."

A one-sided fight, really.

The Trap-Door creature apparently likes kids...for snacks.
We also urge you to pay up in this time and age.

And a child survived the scorpion massacre. When he gets out of that jar...

That N-word may be normal Spanish, but here...oh, dear.

NOT a winning smile.
What's with the smile, girl? Your people are suffering.

"Group photo!"

Too bad he didn't take advantage of the spinning blades.

You'd think that a tank-shot to the throat would take care of him.