"Attack on Las Vegas"

Film: The Amazing Colossal Man (1957), War of the Colossal Beast (1958)

Alias: None

Type: Mutant

Location: Civilized area/Desert

Height/Weight: Grows to that of a skyscraper.

Affiliation: Neutral

Summary: Some people want to feel big. What they forget is that they don't want to be too big. Because if they are, then they end up like poor Glenn Manning. And we mean that literally.

History: Lt. Col. Glenn Manning was a nice guy all in all, so much so that he was willing to save someone who got too close to a plutonium bomb testing facility. It ended badly for Glenn, who got caught in the explosion. However, rather than kill him, it caused his cells to grow at an alarming rate. His whole body began to grow several feet with each day. But his heart couldn't keep up until he got a big syringe to the leg. It didn't matter at that point, as the man had been driven somewhat mad by his accelerated growth. It ended badly, as he got sent careening of the edge of Boulder Dam (AKA, the Hoover Dam) to his apparent death. But he came back, horribly disfigured, as a recluse living in the deserts of Mexico feasting on the contents of food trucks. The humans would eventually catch up to him, though...

Notable Kills: How about throwing a giant syringe at someone and impaling him like a dart on a board?

Final Fate: After stopping himself from destroying a bus full of civilians in Los Angeles, Glenn decides that he's had enough with the world, and electrocutes himself with telephone wires in a storm of sudden film color. His whole form then disappears into oblivion.

Powers/Abilities: Nothing but brute strength.

Weakness: Anything conventional.

Scariness Factor: 3.5-Certain terrible effects shots notwithstanding, Glenn perfectly demonstrates what it would be like to become a giant without any control over it. It's all rather sad when you look at it. But golly jeez, that face he ends up with after falling! There's not even an eye in that socket!

Trivia: -Glenn's reason for mutation is eerily similar to the origin story of Marvel Comic's own Incredible Hulk. Mainly, both involve a guy who got too close to an explosion after trying to get someone out of the way.

-One of the reasons for giving Glenn a disfigured face was so that they could hide the fact that a different actor was playing him.

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That day, humanity recieved a grim reminder...

Okay, maybe death was the logical way to go for this guy.

"Make a Stretch Armstrong joke and all of you get stomped to oblivion."

What's with the random elipsis?

Seriously, that fall messed you UP!
Way to go, you clumsy oaf!

Gangrene starts to take hold.

The whole mess started out messily already.

At least he didn't pass by a Chuck E Cheese.

"Raisin bread?! The town must die!"

Negotiations are...something with this guy.

Yeah, what else is new?

The magic of the 50s.

Oh, look! Dead children!

"Who ate all the bananas?!"

As if air travel wasn't stressful enough.