"The Saga of Popoca"

Film: The Robot Vs. the Aztec Mummy (1958)

Alias: Popoca (the Mummy)

Type: Man-Made (Robot), Ancient (Popoca)

Location: Haunted Home

Height/Weight: Both are that of an average human.

Affiliation: Good (Popoca), Evil (Robot)

Summary: Mummies always get a bad reputation, don't they? Well, as it turns out, good things come from the most inexplicable of places. And that's where we meet Popoca, the often-beleaguered undead guardian of an Aztec tomb. Two movies came before this one, but we have the skinny already, so enjoy.

History: Even before death, Popoca was a dedicated Aztec warrior. Unfortunately, he was also madly in love with the princess Xochitl, and the two ran off together before being caught. As punishment, and after Xochitl was sacrificed on schedule, Popoca was cursed to live forever and guard a sacred temple filled to the brim with riches. At least his love was buried there as well. And to make matters worse, his temple was frequently assaulted by the nefarious Dr. Krupp, AKA, "The Bat" (how original). Eventually, it all came to a head when Krupp built an automaton with one specific purpose: take Popoca down.

Notable Kills: Popoca throws one mook into a pit of snakes.

Final Fate: Popoca, having had it up to here with Krupp's villainy, viciously tears the robot apart after a pretty wimpy fight, and mauls the mad doctor to death. With no one to disturb him and his dead love anymore, Popoca finally has the privilege of spending the rest of eternity in peace.

Powers/Abilities: Both have not much except immunity to bullets and strength.

Weakness: Anything of great strength. Popoca in particular hates bright lights and shiny objects. No wonder he went bonkers on that robot.

Scariness Factor: 2.5-First things first, the robot looks terrible. You can very clearly see a human in it, and it just looks boxy and ready to collapse. Popoca on the other hand may look grotesque and is not afraid to spill blood, but at least he keeps to himself for the most part, and listens to reason if it's coming from Xochitl's ancestors.

Trivia: -Popoca's name and backstory is mostly inspired by the legend of Popocatepetl and Iztaccihuatl, who were two lovers reincarnated into neighboring mountains after the former impressed the Gods with his selflessness for his forbidden love.

-All three movies starring Popoca were filmed in 1957 at the same time.

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And the psychotic loon holds sway!

Keep in mind...he's the good guy.
Hey, where's our Aztec friend?

Turns out the old ways can beat the new ways 6 days until Sunday.

The mad doctor marvels at his cheaply made creation.

"I'm sure a ZOMBIE won't prove any-"

He's not too good in the facial department. In the honor one, though...