"True Power Comes from the Inside"

Film: Forbidden Planet (1956)

Alias: Monsters from the Id

Type: Alien

Location: Desert

Height/Weight: Described as being as big as a house.

Affiliation: Evil

Summary: Emotions are a fickle sort of thing. On one hand, they make us who we are. On the other hand, when not carefully monitored, they can lead to us making rather bull-headed decisions. Either way, imagine if those emotions could come to life. Now imagine getting angry at some point...

History: Long ago on the planet of Altair IV, there was the Krell. This was a race of visionary geniuses who could build great machines without breaking an intellectual sweat. Unfortunately, they ended up biting more than they could chew, as their "Great Machine" ended up being capable of manifesting forms created in their ids. These new beings of pure and raw emotion wasted no time in ending the golden age of the Krell, and by extension, the Krell race altogether. Now in this 23rd century, all that remains on Altair IV is a lone explorer named Dr. Morbius, who tapped into the Krell's power and became supremely intelligent. However, his negative emotions (particularly the ones from his over-protectiveness of his daughter) manifested into a ferocious monster that killed everyone he knew on the planet. Now he has only his daughter and Robby the Robot (we'll get to him in another bio) to keep him company. And then another group of explorers shows up. And one keeps flirting with his daughter...

Notable Kills: Nothing special.

Final Fate: After confronting the fact that he only has himself to blame for the atrocities the Id Monster committed, Dr. Morbius abandons it before it kills him. He then orders one of his guests to destroy the Great Machine, and by extention, the planet.

Powers/Abilities: With every negative emotion from its creator, the id monster grows stronger. It is also invisible, invulnerable, and very, VERY hot to the touch. It is pure rage incarnate.

Weakness: It is visible when surrounded by pure energy, and can be disposed of if its creator is dead.

Scariness Factor: 5-A nigh-invincible walking rage essence that only be killed via the death of its creator. That's not the most pleasant of creatures to encounter, is it? Oh, wait, that's the LAST thing anyone wants to put up with! Imagine how many people have anger issues in the world? No wonder the Krell fell so hard.

Trivia: -The id refers to one of the parts of the Freudian psyche, the other two being ego and super-ego. Specifically, the part driven by sheer instinct, and by extension, the one with the least control.

-This film is very much a space version of William Shakespeare's The Tempest, with the id monster fulfilling the role of the play's minor antagonist, Caliban. The difference is that the latter is much more humanized and sympathetic.

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"Yes, my social issues are stored here."

Imagine waking to that.

Turns out, Robbie's okay with kidnapping men, too.

Conclusion: Rage is incomprehensable.