"Khvala Skromnym Byudzhetom"

Film: Ilya Muromets (1957)

Alias: Svyatogor, Nightingale, Tugar Envoy, and Zmey Gorynych

Type: Mystical

Location: Forest/Civilized area

Height/Weight: From mountain-sized to half a man's size.

Affiliation: Either good (Svyatogor) or evil (the rest)

Summary: Russian folklore isn't exactly the most explored of things when it comes to the silver screen, so consider this film a sort of relief. And what a relief it is, telling the story of the legendary hero Ilya Muromets, and the many dangers he encountered.

History: Long ago when Russia wasn't known as a frozen hellscape, the gigantic bogatyr Svyatogor and his equally large steed protected the land against evil, but the warrior was nearing old age, and he gave his sword away in the hopes that a new warrior would rise to drive off the barbaric Tugars of the east, who could grow to gigantic sizes on rare occasions (thankfully, 99% of them were normal size, but no less vile). Another thing worth noting about the Tugars is that they had a huge three-headed fire breathing dragon known as Zmey Gorynych. Thankfully, he got his wish, as young and beefy Ilya Muromets took the mantle with gusto. However, he came across a wind demon known as Nightingale the Robber on his way, who tried to stop him, but failed. Muromets was on the fast lane from that moment on!

Notable Kills: Nothing special.

Final Fate: Svyatogor and his horse turn into stone upon death, Nightingale is put under the mercy of the king, the Tugar Envoy is impaled in the stomach, and Zmey is shot down by a ballista and gets all three heads cut off by soldiers (notably Ilya and his son).

Powers/Abilities: : Svyatogor's massive size must have helped him mow down countless foes during his heyday. Nightingale can blow away just about anything with his breath. The Envoy is just fat. Zmey shoots fire from all three heads.

Weakness: Anything conventional, though Svyatogor may have been invulnerable.

Scariness Factor: 3-Svyatogor may be someone you definitely want on your side, but stay away from everyone else, especially that walking hurricane that is Nightingale. Unfortunately for Zmey, he's just too damn goofy-looking to be taken seriously. Whose idea was it to give puppy-dog eyes to his heads?!

Trivia: -The American version of this film is known as "The Sword and the Dragon", and it changed almost all the names (Svyatogor to Invincor, Nightingale to Wind Demon, and Zmey Gorynych to Zuma the Fire Dragon).

-Roger Corman was in charge of the American version.

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Wind Demons train so hard in their blowing that they...okay, that came out wrong.
More like the largest cast ever WASTED.

Can we keep him?
At least they were honest with the dragon's design.

If a weapon doesn't kill him, the cholestoral will.
Sorry, but he STILL looks stupid!

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