Film: The Cyclops (1957)

Alias: Bruce Barton

Type: Mutant

Location: Forest

Height/Weight: Barton is estimated to be 25 feet tall, everything else is about 6 times as large as their normal counterparts.

Affiliation: Neutral

Summary: When nuclear not-quite-wastelands are left to fester, chances are they will affect everything for miles around. Chernobyl is one thing, but a little Mexican forest happened to be packing radiation by the bucket load, and any poor sod lured to it will know just how unforgiving it can be, rules of science be damned.

History: Somewhere in the forest regions near the (very fictional) Mexican city of Guayjorm, massive amounts of uranium are located. Unfortunately, lots of it has seeped into the water in the place, and the various animals that live there (including mice, hawks, tarantulas, iguanas, tegus, and pythons) have been drinking it up. Pretty soon, all the wildlife began to grow uncontrollably, and show no signs of stopping. And at the top of the pecking order is a horribly disfigured human giant by the name of Bruce Barton, who crashed into the forest not too long ago. It obviously didn't take long for his normal-sized love and pals to go looking for him.

Notable Kills: Nothing special.

Final Fate: All creatures (except the mouse and the iguana) continue to thrive in the forest, but poor Bruce Barton gets a flaming spear shot straight into his one eye, causing him to die of blood loss and shock.

Powers/Abilities: Nothing but strength for all, though Barton's skin seems to be immune to bullets.

Weakness: Anything conventional, though Bruce's weak spot is his one eye.

Scariness Factor: 2.5-While Barton's new look gives people a good idea of what a nuclear cyclops would look like (the face has melted over his right eye), all things big and small are held back by truly awful chroma-key shots that make them look almost invisible. Oh, and the tarantula, rather than sounding like some omen of death like in every other B-movie at the time, sounds like an old lady being strangled.

Trivia: -Barton's final fate was probably inspired by Homer's epic "The Odyssey", in which hero Odysseus blinds the evil cyclops Polyphemus by jamming a flaming stick into his eye.

-Barton's actor, Duncan Parkin, would go on to play as an even more disfigured bald giant in 1958's "War of the Colossal Beast".

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Turns out the eye is an alternate dimension.

Forget the giant. What about the awesome albino iguana?

You know, a heat lamp would work better than a stick against him.
OUCH! Got your eye stuck in the title there? Hate it when that happens.


Circle of life, guys.

King Kong had a massive marine reptile. You've got a simple giant boa constrictor.

Ironic, but...yeesh!