"Torch Your 'Grow Your Own Crystals' Kit and Run"

Film: The Monolith Monsters (1957)

Alias: None

Type: Alien

Location: Desert

Height/Weight: Can grow to the size of skyscrapers.

Affiliation: Neutral, leaning on evil

Summary: Rocks can be murder, apparently. Indeed, the atomic age finds new and surprising ways to try and make just about everything look scary. In the case of the towering crystal life forms that terrorized the badlands of California, it almost worked.

History: At some point in the deserts of San Angelo, California, a large meteorite crashed. But this was no ordinary rock from space. This one was the method of transportation for an array of mineral-based life forms that seemed to have no other purpose than spreading like wildfire and engulfing entire planets. They also had a taste for silicon, which happens to be a major component of human bodies. Uh oh...

Notable Kills: See Powers/Abilities.

Final Fate: Alas, it is the detestable Californian salt flats that end up saving the day, as the humans smash a dam near it, causing the monoliths to be engulfed in salt water, eroding them and sucking the life out their rocky forms.

Powers/Abilities: As they can somehow suck out all of a human's silicon, they cause their victims to enter a deadly catatonic state. They also reproduce by breaking apart and letting the fragments grow into new monoliths.

Weakness: They cannot stand any concentrated sodium or salt water, as it drains them of whatever gives them life.

Scariness Factor: 3.5-While they probably wouldn't get very far with that weakness of theirs, the power of these monoliths is rather frightening, as they can leave you stiff as a stick, yet still alive. No one deserves a fate like that at all.

Trivia: -San Angelo is not in California, it is in Texas. Get it right, Hollywood.

-Silicon is indeed an important part of our bodies, as it provides growth and repair of tissue and bone.

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Normally, this would be a half-assed attempt at a monster. However...

Blame childhood ignorance.

A sign of things to come...

When the Crystal Gems hit Cartoon Network, this isn't what we had in mind.

Which is worse? This monolith or the more ambiguous one that the apes worshipped?
Wow. The crystals froze a giant!

Aquaman is more awesome than we give him credit for.