"Mars Needs Men"

Film: Devil-Girl From Mars (1954)

Alias: None

Type: Alien

Location: Civilized area

Height/Weight: Average Human, but Chani is twice as big.

Affiliation: Neutral, leaning on evil

Summary: A word to all the feminists out there. The lot of you are a wonderful folk like anyone else, but for the very few that would want to see all of man die, keep in mind that your species will dwindle very quickly. Such a cautionary tale is one that poor commander Nyah of Mars carries on her shoulders every day of her life.

History: Long ago on Mars, a great civil war was fought between the two opposite sexes. In the end, the females won, but at a hefty cost. Despite their grand technology and intelligence, they found themselves unable to reproduce and continue their currently dwindling species. In an act of desperation, the aliens sent out their finest commander, Nyah, to seek out potential mates on other worlds. Her trip took something of a nasty turn, as her ship took damage upon entering Earth's atmosphere, causing her to have to land somewhere in the Scottish Moors. She and her escort, a tall robot named Chani, came across a manor filled with men. Not one for negotiation, Nyah trapped the manor in an invisible barrier until the men would comply.

Notable Kills: Nothing special.

Final Fate: After terrorizing the manor for some time, one of the men volunteers to come onto the ship to go to Mars with Nyah. In truth, it's all an elaborate scheme to sabotage the ship from the inside. Once the ship takes off, it explodes, killing everyone in it.

Powers/Abilities: Nyah's outfit is tailor-made to resist bullets and all other damage. Her ray guns and hypnotic gaze can decimate enemies in seconds. Her tech can also summon barriers to trap targets in. Chani is equipped with a ray beam on his head.

Weakness: Explosives work fine, but only if she doesn't notice first.

Scariness Factor: 4-It took guile and surprise to foil this space tyrant. Nyah seems to be the female precursor to Darth Vader, looks and all. Her calculating and venomous demeanor is just the tip of the spear when one puts her technology into consideration. That said, Chani looks a little hokey with his box-shaped body.

Trivia: -The film was adapted from a very obscure stage play, and was reportedly a nightmare to compete with all the technical errors.

-Nyah was played by Patricia Laffan, who had previously had a starring role in the critical hit "Quo Vadis".

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Bring more ships and more letal robots. You know. The BETTER plan.

Stay classy, tagline industry.

No mission is complete without a nice ray gun.

You can't look smug when your partner is a walking fridge.
Nyah's cousin decides to set the record straight.

The only strange sight will be packed theaters for this film.

"You forgot to pay for your subscription to the virus protection. Initiate self-destruct."
Mars: Planet of War and Irony.

"I'll have Earth. On the rocks."

Somebody give him a hug.

For a regal lady, she's hiding quite a trigger finger.