"Black Lagoon's Reject"

Film: The Monster of Piedras Blancas (1959)

Alias: None

Type: Unknown

Location: Civilized area

Height/Weight: That of an average human.

Affiliation: Neutral, leaning on evil

Summary: One thing that put the Gillman just one step below his universal monster ilk was that it took three films for him to be able to be on land for extended periods of time. Not a problem for this all-but-forgotten monster! Indeed, Piedras Blancas was no safe zone when he was around.

History: It is unknown as to where this beast came from, though one has a theory that he's a relative of the prehistoric Diplovertebron (yes, really, see Trivia for more). Either way, it was racking up quite a killing during its time at Piedras Blancas. The local lighthouse keeper Sturges pitied this creature's equally lonely lifestyle, and kept his existence a secret. However, when the body count became too large to ignore, he had to step aside so that the town could take care of this problem.

Notable Kills: His grand entrance is him clutching a bloody human head in his hand. A bit of a first for this kind of film. There's also him throwing old men off lighthouses.

Final Fate: After the monster disposes of Sturges, the heroes turn on the lighthouse he's at the top of, causing him to go blind and get shoved off the top by a young hunk. The plummet is quite fatal.

Powers/Abilities: Strength and razor-sharp mole-like claws.

Weakness: Bright lights are not a good thing in his book.

Scariness Factor: 3-Despite that awesome severed head shot, this monster is held back by a rather unoriginal, yet still somewhat engaging, design. It doesn't help that he falls off the lighthouse like he's a Halloween prop.

Trivia: -Piedras Blancas is actually a lighthouse station in California, though it seems to look significantly different from the one in the movie.

-Diplovertebron was a Carboniferous amphibian that resembles more of a giant salamander. How this creature has anything to do with the monster's design or its DNA is anyone's guess.

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Monsters still feel jilted when there turns out to be no oscar for them. A medal isn't really that much.

The shadow of the beast is just as terrifying as the actual thing.

"So, what do I do with this?"

The newest calling card for the beast.

"And the human was THIS big!"
"I'm here to kill you both. Is this a bad time?"

"Do I want to eat her or do I want to get married? Hmmm."