"The Real Pleasure Cruise"

Film: Cesta do Praveku (1955)

Alias: See the History part of this. Yeesh.

Type: Ancient

Location: Forest/Desert/Jungle/Swamp/Lake

Height/Weight: Varies from the sizes of small dogs to that of large trucks.

Affiliation: Neutral

Summary: Hey, kids of the 50s from Czechoslovak! Have you ever wondered about all the varied and diverse life forms that dominated the life before man? Well, fear not, because a group of boys are on their way to where it all began, and boy, do they have sights for you.

History: Apparently, there's a secret cave that leads to a river that serves as a gateway between time periods. Okay. Let's just roll with it. Either way, a quartet of kids decided that going on this voyage through pre-history would be the next best thing. And in a way, it was. The animals they encountered were...'deep inhale'...a Wooly Mammoth, Wooly Rhinos, a Deinotherium, Honanotherium, a Smilodon, an Uintatherium, a Phorusrhacos, Pteranodons, a Styracosaurus, a Stegosaurus, Brontosaurs, Hadrosaurs, a Ceratosaurus, Meganeura, an Eryops, and Trilobites. Oh, and some modern creatures like a jaguar and some crocs, but who cares? What a trip!

Notable Kills: Nothing special.

Final Fate: Almost all the animals are left alone, though the Stegosaurus dies from its injuries after warding off the Ceratosaurus.

Powers/Abilities: Nothing special.

Weakness: Anything conventional.

Scariness Factor: 1.5-Aside from the oftentimes wonky special effects (particularly the stop-motion, emphasis on the "stop" part), most of the animals don't even bother to harm or even interact with the group in the first place. The ones that do are the territorial Pteranodons and the Phorusrhacos, the latter of which could be considered a little vicious looking.

Trivia: -This film was released in the U.S. in 1966 as the heavily dubbed "Journey to the Beginning of Time".

-Until this film was released, no bit of media ever bothered showing prehistoric animals acting like...well, animals, instead of human-threatening monsters. Some believe that this film helped pave the way for nature-documentary-style series such as "Walking with Dinosaurs".

Image Gallery

The ever-pleasent Apatosaurus.

The Stegosaurus's son has come with backup with time. Fight for honor!
Geez. With all the actual creatures that show up in the film, the lies here feel needless.

I'd certainly pay to see that in animated form.

"How tragic. Wonder how she tastes!"

A random Terror Bird.

The savage Ceratosaurus.

Hello, Deinotherium. Fancy meeting you here.

Styracosaurus, in his first film role.

Somebody get Bruce Faelconer for this fight scene!

No, this is not a cartoon, thank you.

Even after that Amazon incident, the Trachodon still lives.

Some Pterosaurs begin an assault.