"Sometimes, You're Just Born Evil"

Film: The Bad Seed (1957)

Alias: None

Type: Natural

Location: Civilized area

Height/Weight: About that of an average 8-year old girl.

Affiliation: Evil

Summary: Aww, look at that little girl. How pristine she looks with that winning smile and pretty dress. Such a sight can only be called a beacon of innocence. You know, except when it very much ISN'T...

History: Little Rhoda Penmark is not a Penmark at all. She is the daughter of Bessie Denker, a serial killer with a mean streak. She was adopted by the doting Penmarks at a very young age after that woman's death. Inexplicably, Rhoda had inherited almost all her biological mother's insane qualities, particularly a sociopathic desire for all to bend to her will OR ELSE! At first, all the pampering her adoptive family gave her sated that desire. But then a kid won against her in a penmanship medal competition. That kid is drowned dead now.

Notable Kills: Drowned a kid and set a suspicious man's house on fire while he was sleeping in it. Cripes.

Final Fate: After her medal gets thrown into the lake, Rhoda goes to retrieve it at night. However, a massive storm is underway, and a single bolt of lightning hits the wharf she's on, blowing the evil half-pint to kingdom come.

Powers/Abilities: Nothing except her sociopathy.

Weakness: Anything conventional.

Scariness Factor: 4.5-Deception is key for any sociopath, and Rhoda had it nailed to a T. And that's what hits the hardest: literally anyone you know could be just like her. Just let that sink in.

Trivia: -Rhoda might be the first murderous child in cinema history. She certainly will not be the last.

-Although this film is billed as also a mystery, it should be obvious from the title as to whom the culprit is.

Image Gallery

Did we mention the child is evil?

Perfection is overated. QUITE...

The mask of sanity begins to slip.

"You KNOW who's about to wear the pants in my family."

Nothing a little Godly Wrath won't solve.

Kid...when you're older.

For once, we're siding with the creepy middle-aged man next to the child.

Get Freddy Krueger on the line. Actually, I wouldn't even do that.

Every master manipulator must look prim and proper.

You want that medal so much? Be warned. What does metal usually CONDUCT?