"What About the Other 6 Voyages?"

Film: The Seventh Voyage of Sinbad (1958)

Alias: Cyclops, Sadi the Cobra-Woman, Wailing Demons, Two-Headed Roc, Toro, Living Skeleton

Type: Mystical

Location: Cave/Desert/Ocean/Haunted home

Height/Weight: Ranges from that of an average human to that of two tanks in single file.

Affiliation: Good (Sadi), Neutral (Demons, Cyclops, Roc), Evil (Toro, Skeleton)

Summary: Of all the adventurers out there, none was perhaps more bold, charismatic, or dashing as Sinbad. While some can debate the continuity of his life, there's no denying that he could look death straight in the eye and stand his ground. And he would most certainly do anything for love.

History: If there's one place Sinbad did not want to go to twice, it would be Colossa, a primarily desert island filled to the brim with dangerous mythical creatures. The first time he went there, he came back with an ominous magician named Sokurah and bruises from a Cyclops attack. He only came a second time because Sokurah had left behind the magic genie-summoning lamp that the Cyclops hoarded, and said sorcerer's excuse was that Sinbad's princess lover got shrunk to hand-size (by him, secretly). As it turned out, Sokurah lived on Colossa, complete with a pet dragon named Toro, and he watched as Sinbad and his crew were slowly picked off by the various monsters living there.

Notable Kills: Nothing special.

Final Fate: The treasure-hoarding cyclops is blinded and led off a cliff, Sadi's performance is a hit with the king of Bagdad, the demons are nowhere to be seen, a baby Roc is killed for food by crewmates only for the mother to return the favor, the reanimated skeleton is chased up a staircase by Sinbad to fall to its death, a second cyclops is finished off by Toro, only for that dragon to be finished off by an insanely large ballista, crushing Sokurah in the process.

Powers/Abilities: The Cyclops seem to be rather intelligent for all their brawn, being able to craft structures such as cages, clubs, and spits out of whatever they have. The unseen demons can emit a wailing sound that drives people to near-insanity. Toro breathes fire, but not that often.

Weakness: Anything conventional.

Scariness Factor: 3.5-While Sadi and the baby roc are adorable in their own ways, everything else is a big no-no. With the cyclops that give people painful, drawn-out deaths to the unseen demons to the vulture-like Roc to the ferocious dragon, there's a good reason Sinbad was grateful to leave Colossa entirely.

Trivia: -The demons seem to be based on Sirens of Greek mythology. While both lure ships to a rocky demise with their voices, the Sirens attract sailors with lovely singing voices rather than drive them to madness.

-Sadi's sequence was inspired by Harryhausen watching a belly-dance event in Lebanon. According to him, it was rather stimulating.

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Of course, the Cyclops is too busy testing the water and throwing bolders to fight Toro.

Who smashed in Toro's head?!

The battle between the living and the dead...in a painting.

Manda? Is that you?

"This time, I know I got the spices right!"

Walkies can be tough with this guy.

The ferocity of a cyclops can't match to the will of a dragon.

"Hey, Toro! I've got a boulder on stand-by just for you!"

Is that Roc chick...pink?!

I should feel something right now. I don't know what.

A romantic tale...with a horrific dragon slaying.

"So...these are supossed to hurt?"

"I'm not Papyrus! Stop asking!"

"Keep your pilfering down! I'm trying to sleep!"
Is that...an ARMY of Rocs?!

"Imagine that, hero! After me, you'll have to deal with THEM!"

"So...what's in my chest?"

Toro, in all his glory.

A little pull and this is all over.

If Metallica got its hands on the film...

"As a Roc of great renown, I must ask WHAT IS GOING ON?!"

You know, the Cyclops design they chose is looking good now.

"Nice sword. Can it be eaten?"

A bouncing baby is born...only to be killed later on.
The cobra woman inspires some short-lived fetishes.


Hell hath no fury like a mother Roc scorned.