"Make Like a Tree and Leave"

Film: From Hell It Came (1957)

Alias: Prince Kimo

Type: Mystical/Mutant

Location: Jungle

Height/Weight: About twice as big as an average human.

Affiliation: Evil

Summary: When exacting vengeance beyond the grave, it's best you pick a form that doesn't attract pity-laughter from literally anyone with a thinking brain. Kimo really thought that looking like a demonic plank of rotting wood was a good idea. That should indicate how well his crusade went-WAIT, HE ACTUALLY KILLED PEOPLE?! HUH?!

History: One day in the Polynesian islands, the headstrong Prince Kimo was in one doozy of a pickle. He had been accused of murdering his father by Witch Doctor Tano, who resented Kimo for his relations with the technologically superior Americans. After getting the ruler poisoned by radiation, Tano placed the blame on Kimo while his companion Maranka seduced Kimo's wife Korey into letting the prince die. Before execution, Kimo swore vengeance on his victorious rivals, promising that he would come back as a vengeful spirit. Much later, Kimo fulfilled his promise by coming back as the demonic tree-man Tabanga...only to get stuck in his grave halfway through getting out. Looking like an angry tree-gnome, American scientists decided to fill his new form with radiation because SCIENCE. Tabanga was now completely active and out for blood.

Notable Kills: Tabanga kills a woman by dunking her into quicksand and just watching as she sinks below. He also kills Tano by knocking him unconscious and tossing him down a hill, causing his shark-tooth necklace to impale his neck.

Final Fate: At the peak of his rampage and after many failed attempts to subdue him, Tabanga is finally killed when someone shoots the dagger in his chest deeper into his heart, causing him to fall over into the muck behind him. Gee, who would have thought to do that?!

Powers/Abilities: Tabanga is impervious to all weaponry.

Weakness: The dagger in Tabanga's chest that was used to kill him during execution is just inches away from his heart. Push it in and he's doomed. It's that simple. Just….wow.

Scariness Factor: 1.5-Let's make something abundantly clear here...THERE IS LITTERALLY NO REASON ANYONE SHOULD HAVE DIED AT THIS THING'S HANDS! Tabanga is stiff as a board, slow, and his weakness is piss-easy. His design is a little spooky but that's it.

Trivia: -This was the last film produced by the Milner brothers, and it was only their second!

-Pro wrestler Chester Hayes played as the monster, and recalled the feeling of being in the suit as very uncomfortable.

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In the film proper, he's less a demonic wood sculpture and more of a plank of angry wood.

"Sorry, gal. But I don't need a woman in my life."

"Hello, sir. I take it you were going to CARVE YOUR INITIALS ON ME THE DAY BEFORE?!"

From Swamp Thing's swamp comes...Wood Thing! C'mon. Joke's right there.