"Attack of the Killer Jell-O"

Film: The Blob (1958), Beware! The Blob (1972)

Alias: None

Type: Alien

Location: Civilized area

Height/Weight: Almost always ends up the size of a small building.

Affiliation: Neutral

Summary: What if the monster had no form whatsoever? Where would it have a weakness? How could you fight against it? How would you escape it? These are questions no man would have any time to answer as the Blob oozes its way across the land, absorbing all that get in its way.

History: Arriving in the center of a meteorite that fell from space, the Blob started out small, but then an old man touched it, and after being sent to the doctor, it nabbed a few others. Pretty soon, the amorphous monster was growing at a phenomenal rate with each person it ate. After causing large amounts of havoc, the Blob was put to a halt after being frozen and sent to the Arctic. Unfortunately, a guy working there brought a sample of it to LA for the higher-ups to study. Then a fly touched it, and the whole thing started all over again...

Notable Kills: This thing kills a kitten. No more will be said.

Final Fate: After killing many in an ice rink, the Blob is eventually frozen again. But a bit of it manages to thaw out as the humans stand allegedly victorious. Oh, well, maybe this time the world won't forget that exploitable weakness like it inexplicably did. Right?!

Powers/Abilities: Having no body or internal organs, the Blob is pretty much indestructible, and grows bigger with everything it eats.

Weakness: Extremely cold temperatures render it harmless.

Scariness Factor: 4.5-The Blob might be one of the scariest monsters to ever come out of the 50s, and that's a decade when Godzilla first destroyed Tokyo. Thoughtless, unkillable, unstoppable, and with a bottomless appetite, there's no possible way this blood-red thing could get any worse. Oh, wait...16 years later...

Trivia: -Ever since 2000, the residents of Phoenixville, PA have celebrated the cultural significance of the Blob with a little event known as "Blobfest". The main event is replicating the infamous theater scene by having the masses run out of the same theater the Blob attacked, as well as other activities.

-The Blob was made from pure silicone, with a dash of vegetable dye.

Image Gallery

Unless you've got several buckets of cold water.

...this is gonna end in tears. I know it.

"I'm starting to question my taste in girls."

Guys, I think you froze the wrong thing.

Last resorts are always pitiful in these movies. Sometimes.

Turns out, Hugh Grant movies weren't its thing.

"The power of Jack Frost compels you!"

This stick situation turned tragic.

First a diner and then a car? Low standards, creature.

This crossover fight must have ended in seconds.

I hate it when supervillains take advantage of hostile lifeforms.

It did stun it, though.


Attack of the Killer Meatball!

What's worse? The offer of a piece of this monstrosity or the attempted clubbing used against it?

More like "The Tar".

A legend is unleashed.

I think the selling tagline should be more like "Oh, God! The most painful death has come back! ACK!"
"Don't forget about our End of the World sales!"

A bad day at work gets worse.

When Japan takes over production.

Jiggly and electricity may rhyme, but it still doesn't mean anything.

One simple touch and the terror begins anew.

Imagine the Ymir clubbing the lamb...and you get this.

The can kicked him.