"Tampering Once More into God's Domain"

Film: Bride of the Monster (1955)

Alias: Lobo, Giant Octopus

Type: Natural/Mutant

Location: Forest/Civilized area

Height/Weight: Lobo's slightly larger than an average human. The octopus is of indeterminate size, though its tentacles are long as a man.

Affiliation: Neutral

Summary: Ed. Wood. The master of utter campy trash. The Sultan of using the first take no matter what. It only makes sense that the maker of the best worst movies would turn his sights to the trends of the time. Namely, nuclear power.

History: Dr. Eric Varnoff hasn't seen his family in twenty years. And frankly, if they saw him now, they'd be heading back the way they came. This mad scientist has been across the world (even with a little spat in Loch Ness), and is now holed up in an American swamp with a large, dimwitted assistant he found in Tibet named Lobo. His plan is to create an army of nuclear supermen to dominate the world. Unfortunately, he spent more time making a giant freshwater octopus than finding worthy subjects, as they just kept dying.

Notable Kills: Nothing special.

Final Fate: After whipping Lobo into submission for the last time, the giant forces him into his own experiment, causing the scientist to become a muscle-bound monster himself. After trashing the lab and beating Lobo, he ends up stumbling into the clutches of the octopus, and after some struggling, KABOOM! A nuclear explosion goes off....why?

Powers/Abilities: Nothing except strength and immunity to bullets.

Weakness: Anything stronger than bullets.

Scariness Factor: 2-Lobo is imposing to a degree, but the octopus is nothing less than dreadful. See Trivia for why it looks pretty much dead.

Trivia: -Allegedly, the filmmakers had to steal-er, rent the octopus prop, but some wiseacre forgot the motor. So they ended up just having to rely on editing and wriggling it around.

-This was Bela Legosi's last speaking role.

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Dracula and Frankenstein's monster would like to see you Ed Wood. In an alleyway.

You'd think this was a comedy. It is, really.

Master of B-Grade? Understatement.

A powered Varnoff realizes that irony if a funny and deadly thing.
Two-Face's cousin is weird.

"Course I thought this through! It's perfect!"

It's funny 'cause the octopus is dead.

Worst hentai ever.

Lobo must have eaten plenty of Yaks back in Tibet.

"Wait, thermometer goes WHERE?!"

"Get me out of this film! Please!"