"No-One Needed Turning into Newts from Her"

Films: Black Sunday (1960)

Alias: None

Type: Mystical

Location: Civilized Area

Height/Weight: That of an average human.

Affiliation: Evil

Summary: In the Dark Ages, everyone accused everyone of being agents of the Devil himself. Sadly, it was mostly women who got this treatment, being declared "witches". However, not all condemned were innocent victims. Just ask Asa Vajda, who embraced her alliance with the kingdom of darkness even beyond death.

History: In early 17th century Moldavia, Asa Vajda's brother condemned her and her sidekick Javuto to death, but not before putting a spiked mask on her to seal the deal. Before burning, Asa declared that she would have vengeance beyond the grave one day. Centuries later, someone accidentally cuts himself over her tomb. Calling Javuto to rise and do her bidding, it isn't long before she herself literally explodes from her grave.

Notable Kills: Nothing special

Final Fate: Asa tries to suck the lifeforce out of a woman who looks just like her, but everyone can tell the difference due to the latter's religious wear. By that point, an army of torch-holders come to burn the witch all over again.

Powers/Abilities: Asa can communicate with the dead, as well as hypnotize the living. She can also suck the youth and life from others by drinking their blood.

Weakness: Anything conventional.

Scariness Factor: 4-What's that? Those look like big zits on her? Those are the points where the Mask of Satan pierced her, first of all, and she can end you for saying that very quickly. This seductive wich can bend your will with a look, and will stop at nothing to please her dark master.

Trivia: -Asa (and her lookalike) was played by Barbara Steele. Expect to see her again on this site in similar circumstances.

-There have been many bizarre "trials" to sort out the good from the "witches" back then. Things like reading religious scripture to poking the skin for blood to the concept of "witch cakes". Best to not look into that. And then there was the Witchfinder General...

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With a punishment like THAT, is it really hard to believe that she turned away from God?

The first draft of Italy's flag has come for revenge.

Even if she looked like that and she was my age, I'd still find her irresistable.
Those eyes are terrrifying at first, but after a while, they grow on you.

"Excuse me, terrified women. Where are my keys?"

He didn't deserve a dragon, so he instead got a Wyvern. Even that's too generous.

You've been in the ground for FAR too long.

"Try burrowing out of here with this thing on!"
Vampire? Well, you're half-right.

Really laying on the Devil themes by including Lucifer's agent, are you?

The olden days SUCKED.

How much can I pay you NEVER to look at me like that again?

This merely finished what time in the ground started.