"Tickets on Sale NEVER"

Films: Carnival of Souls (1962)

Alias: The Man

Type: Mystical

Location: Civilized Area/Eldritch Location

Height/Weight: That of an average human.

Affiliation: Evil...maybe...

Summary: The afterlife works in mysterious ways. Are we dead? Are we alive? Is this waking nightmare punishment or insanity? Who knows?

History: After a seemingly fatal drag-racing accident that puts her car and her friends at the bottom of a lake, Mary Henry decides to get away from it all and start anew in Utah as an organ pianist. Her hopes of finding normalcy are dashed, however, as she is routinely stalked by random points where everyone ignores her and a creepy pale man that just stares. She's also drawn to a derelict pavilion...

Notable Kills: None...we think...

Final Fate: As the visions spiral out of control, Mary finds the pavilion filled with dancing pale figures, two of which are the Man and one that looks like her. The group of beings then chase after and descend on Mary. Meanwhile, her car is finally fished out of the lake, and her body is in it...

Powers/Abilities: Can appear out of nowhere and single out someone from existence, and by extension, the public eye.

Weakness: None.

Scariness Factor: 4-Having these creeps stalk you is bad enough. But if they do, there is the strong implication that they are doing so because you died and this is your eternal punishment. Hope you like dancing, because presumably, that’s all they'll have you do.

Trivia: -Director Herk Harvey came up with the idea for the film after passing the abandoned Saltair pavilion in Utah. Cue three weeks of shooting this thing with the locals.

This film was said to have inspired the careers of David Lynch and George A. Romero.

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Enjoy your stay...

No doubt about it. We're in Hell.

It never ends, does it?

If so, the Devil has taken the reigns of life.

What are you talking about? We probably ARE in Hell!

The Greyhound bus just got...greyer.

Uh, girl. You're friends? HELLO?!

"Good evening!"

And a pariah among the dead.

Kinda undercuts the horror with Mike Nelson's presence.

Nice party we've got going here.

It REALLY never ends...NEVER.