"Lovecraft in Japan"

Films: Dogora (1964)

Alias: Dagora

Type: Alien

Location: Eldritch Location

Height/Weight: Cannot be determined.

Affiliation: Neutral, leaning on Evil

Summary: Imagine an alien menace subtler than Ghidorah. Something so alien in appearance it makes the bravest cower. In the world of Kaiju, none is perhaps stranger or beyond logic than Dogora, the interstellar jellyfish-like being that desired to suck this world dry.

History: The result of space cells mingling with satellite radiation, Dogora wasted no time trying to suck up coal and diamonds as a primary diet. Also, for some reason it supremely pissed off the stinging insects in Japan, so there. Either way, the destruction this horrible thing caused was something out of the end times.

Notable Kills: This thing's vortex-creating eating process causes tons of property damage, and one darkly hilarious scene is when a crowd of people get smushed by a boulder coming down in a straight line.

Final Fate: After being struck by missiles, Dogora breaks into multiple ones, increasing Earth's doom. But then some aircraft coat the beings in wasp venom, causing them to harden and die.

Powers/Abilities: Dogora's way of eating/destroying is creating tornadoes and gusts of wind that destroy anything they hit. It can also be broken into duplicates of itself.

Weakness: Wasp venom causes its cells to crystalize and cease to function.

Scariness Factor: 4.5-We don't do this often, but if Godzilla were to confront this thing, it would be a true fight to the finish. Dogora brings back memories of the Elder Gods, being intangible in form and capable of causing near-biblical amounts of damage from a great distance. It doesn't help that it's nigh-un-killable if you don’t know its frankly strange weakness.

Trivia: -Dogora's floating was achieved by dunking the prop in water and manipulating it like a marionette.

-This film was released in 1966 in the US under the title, "Dagora, the Space Monster".

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"My reason for being late to work? I'd look outside if I were you."

Turns out, Dogora can find love, even when he has to sacrifice his size for it.
To Dogora, buildings are Twix Bars.

Those aren't tornados. The answer is far worse.
Somewhere, Octalus stirs and doesn't know why.

The Giant Octopus of the 50s was only the start.