"Monster Island Hits a New Low"

Films: All Monsters Attack (1969)

Alias: Gabarah, Gabala, Gavalla, Gavara, Gaborik, Gebara

Type: Mystical/Mutant

Location: Jungle

Height/Weight: 58 meters and 23,000 metric tons.

Affiliation: Evil

Summary: Bullies are the worst. It seems that they have nothing better to do but cover up their insecurities by inflicting pain on others. For the kids getting the beatings/humiliation, those bullies are no worse than the city-smashing kaiju that inhabit the world. In fact, they might as well be those kaiju. That's certainly what poor Ichiro Miki thought having to put up with Gabara (the kid, not the imaginary monster).

History: Ichiro was just like any other kid in a kaiju-infested world: obsessed with Godzilla and his compatriots, meaning well, and frequently beleaguered by bullies led by the bratty half-pint Gabara. To get away from it all, Ichiro would daydream about visiting Monster Island and befriending Minya (Minya can talk in this reality, go figure). The son of Godzilla was also tormented by Gabara, albeit this version was a large ogre-like toad mutated by nuclear power.

Notable Kills: None.

Final Fate: After getting thoroughly humiliated by Minya and Ichiro trough trickery and a bit of slapstick, Gabara finds himself on the receiving end of one of Godzilla's beatings. He’s soon sent away to think about what he's done. Meanwhile in reality, Ichiro works up the courage to fight and defeat the real Gabara, ironically winning his admiration.

Powers/Abilities: Gabara can charge electricity all across his body with his horns. Anything that comes into contact with him gets washed with a barrage of volts.

Weakness: Brute strength.

Scariness Factor: 1.5-Gabara may be strong, but he's too damn silly to take seriously, being a warty clumsy oaf that sounds like a cat trapped in a car engine. Speaking of which, his face looks like a cat that's mad at you for not feeding it on time.

Trivia: -For what it's worth, Gabara's design is mostly based on the Oni, which are demons of Japanese folklore. Doesn't make him any less stupid. Daimon already pulled that off and did it with style.

-Gabara also made appearances in the series "Go! Godman" and "Go! Greenman". In those, he was stronger and much more sinister, outright eating children when he got the chance. That beating from Minya must have caused him to snap.

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