"Fighter, Lover, Father"

Films: Gamera: The Giant Monster (1965), Gamera Vs. Barugon (1966), Gamera Vs. Gyaos (1967), Gamera Vs. Viras (1968), Gamera Vs. Guiron (1969), Gamera Vs. Jiger (1970), Gamera Vs. Zigra (1971), Gamera: Super Monster (1980)

Alias: Gammera

Type: Ancient

Location: Tundra/Civilized Area/Eldritch Location/Ocean

Height/Weight: 55 meters and 80 metric tons.

Affiliation: Neutral (at first), Good (later on)

Summary: Godzilla, as one might guess, was the pinnacle of kaiju film stars, so obviously, like any real actor, there were those who sought to steal his thunder. None of them came as close as one did. The turtle that could fly. The friend to all children. The one they know as Gamera.

History: An ancient turtle beast dormant under the ice of the North American tundra, Gamera was awakened when some nuclear bombs accidentally crashed into the area. Heading towards Japan, the beast proved to be a destructive menace to society with a strange affinity for children's safety. But soft spot for kids or not, Gamera was tricked into getting sent to Mars via rocket dome by the end of his rampage. However, a meteorite hit the dome, sending Gamera back just in time to vanquish the nasty kaiju known as Barugon. From that moment on, Gamera's crimes against humanity were pretty much forgotten as he kept beating monster after monster for the sake of Earth and its inhabitants.

Notable Kills: See the bios of his foes for more info.

Final Fate: Gamera would have kept going on adventures...had his film studio Daei not entered bankruptcy, and had him sacrifice himself at the end of a stock-footage-laden stupidity-fest that we will deem non-canon forever.

Powers/Abilities: Gamera can shoot fireballs from his mouth and even propel himself through the air by shooting flames out of his shell-holes. He can also be nimble enough to win a kaiju-sized Olympic medal.

Weakness: A beast of equal or greater power.

Scariness Factor: 2.5-Gamera may have made a bad first impression, but since then, he's actively made sure no human gets stomped by a marauding kaiju. With a heart of gold and a taste for justice, Gamera is the one kaiju anyone can count on.

Trivia: -Yes, Daei's bankruptcy is the reason Gamera had to arbitrarily perish. Word says that their financial woes were due to some gross incompetence within the studio. How shameful for Gamera fans.

-The largest turtle to ever live was the Archelon, which literally means "Ruler Turtle", and it grew up to 4 meters long and about 5 meters wide from flipper to flipper.

Image Gallery

We all had some very...AWKWARD first impressions.

Not exactly thermonuclear breath, but it's something.

Well, whaddya know? That actually worked...for a while.

Barugon's troubles have officially begun.

This was suppossed to be his heroic debut.

Alas, poor pupper.

And so debuts Gamera's most famous foe/femme fatale.

AAAAND Gamera's dead.

With that limb and many more to come lost, Gyaos becomes No.1 on his list.

And there they go. Off into the sunset.

"Well, at least this is popular where I live!"

Looking a bit scrawny, guys.

"It's time to make...A PLANET OF THE KONGS!"

His troubles begin here for this film.

Average reaction to Trump speeches.

Gamera realizes too late that water and fire don't go together.

Gamera Wars Ep. IV: A New Blunder
Call it something better first.

"Did you drink all the Mountain Dew, Baru?!"

It took a bargain-bin DVD to make him look menacing.


Gamera is glorious color!

"Yeah. Fire. I'm totally scared. Whatever."

For causing an international incident, they both looked like they caught by mom.

Don't worry. King Ghidorah already took care of the Red Planet there.

Annoying for Viras. Horribly painful for Gamera.

Yes. This really happened.

"Kick to the chin!"

The REAL Monster X would soon rear his head soon...

Sick Gamera. Something I never thought we'd see.

"I can show you the world!"

Sorry, Gamera. He's not into you. He'd be better off with Slappy Squirrel.

Zigra just begged for death after the embaressment that happened here.

"Gyaos, is this a woman thing? Fire from the tits?!"

The bad point...welll, about the children...

Behold! The might of the turtle!

Dead. This city is officially dead. Chernobyl won't have anything on this.

A battle to tire him endlessly.

"How about I bury you alive in your homeland?!"

"We're going for a ride. Or...whatever."

"You'll make a wonderful paintbrush on the moon!"

Oh, God! What's Gamera doing to Viras?!

Yeah, Gamera's already doomed.

"Hey, I'm in the movie too. Or...whatever."

Here is a mother struggling to survive.

Perfect Yoga pose!

More like into hysterics.

A legend is born.

If only they tried the whole 'Godzilla/Anguirus' thing.

Godzilla-ripoff? No. Wait until Zedus shows up.

Fire and ice. The debate rages on.

This was a marketing strategy involving Barugon. THIS. TAKE. ALL. THE MONIES.

And now the people are wanting Barugon back.

"For the last time, I'm not interested in your little lava bath! I mean...whatever.

"Stupid beehive ship."

Kong goes up against his strongest foes yet! Except not really.

Quit taunting Jiger, Gamera.

Jiger, why did you expose us to this sight?

Yes, yes. Smile, away-LOOK BEHIND YOU!!!

Send your Death Star now! Get this show rolling!