"Feed Me More"

Films: Little Shop of Horrors (1960)

Alias: Audrey Jr.

Type: Mutant

Location: Civilized Area

Height/Weight: Starts from that of a coconut to that of an average human.

Affiliation: Evil

Summary: One's claim to fame isn't always him or herself. It's often a team effort, but sometimes the pairing stops working out due to conflicting ideals. In Seymour's case, he should have never crossbred those plants in the first place.

History: Somewhere in the skid row of L.A., Gravis' Mushnick's flower shop is falling on hard times. Few workers, fewer customers, and one of them is the clumsy and neurotic Seymour Krelboyne. However, the boy has recently crossbred a Venus flytrap and a butterwort, creating a unique-looking carnivorous plant. As long as Seymour can keep the plant alive, Mushnick won't fire him. But the plant feeds on fresh blood only, and Seymour can only get it from so many places. Also, it starts talking and growing more and more intelligent because reasons.

Notable Kills: Nothing special. Though a lot of people have to try to get eaten.

Final Fate: Audrey Jr. horrifies the customers when its buds start blooming, revealing the faces of its victims on its flowers. An enraged Seymour jumps into the plant's mouth with knife in hand. A day later, the blooms begin to die, and Seymour's face can be seen on one before he follows suit. Pitiful.

Powers/Abilities: Audrey doubles in size and intelligence with every healthy meal.

Weakness: Anything conventional.

Scariness Factor: 2-Audrey Jr.'s made of bluster on the outside, and isn't very mobile. He only gets food through Seymour's incompetence or others falling for tricks.

Trivia: -Carnivorous plants are nothing new to the world. The Venus flytrap is the most infamous example, using little trigger hairs in its maw to detect potential prey, and being patient enough to deem a target worthy of eating.

-Audrey Jr. was voiced by Charles B. Griffith, a frequent collaborator with Roger Corman in terms of writing.

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Don't forget when they start killing in the summer.

When did the human become scarier than the plant?

You know, this is kinda like helping a drug addiction.

Wait two more decades for an even more comedic approach.

Comedy...maybe. Horror...YES.

Why, yes. The sinister looking Venus Flytrap is wonderful looking!

Behold! The holy devourerer!

And somehow, not his craziest.

To serve a killer plant. To sink to a new low.

Attack of the killer eggplant!

No. You'll never be able to drown out the guilt, Seymour.

Hey, guy, how about tearing at his roots instead?