"I Think David Handled the Other One"

Films: Goliath and the Dragon (1960)

Alias: Dog of Darkness, the Dragon, Bat Demon, Cave Bear, Polymorphous the Centaur

Type: Mystical

Location: Cave/Underground/Forest

Height/Weight: From that of an average lion to that of a large excavator.

Affiliation: Neutral, though some lean on Evil

Summary: Some say he was Hercules, others say he was Goliath. But no matter what your interpretation, this guy's seen things, and serving the Gods comes with its downsides, big time. Especially when puppy love is involved.

History: Let’s go with the U.S. version. It's a bit more interesting. It involved the Theban named Emilius, whose great strength and tenacity got him the moniker "Goliath" and a job under the God of vengeance and the Goddess of the Four Winds in exchange for immortality. Life was good right up until his brother started dating the daughter of a family that tried to kill his own. Even worse, the Gods were acting a bit lenient about it. Even worser, his wife was willing to sacrifice herself to allow the matrimony. Even worsest, said sacrifice involves a mad tyrant feeding her to a dragon located in the Cave of Horrors.

Notable Kills: None.

Final Fate: The dog is stabbed multiple times, as is the bat-demon. The bear gets strangled and thrown to the ground, Polymorphous gets away to bring Goliath's wife to the dragon, who gets his left eye gouged out and jaw broken for that. He is dead now.

Powers/Abilities: The dog can breathe fire, and Polymorphous, being the God of the Waters and the Land, can shapeshift and disappear, as well as control nature.

Weakness: Anything conventional or handled by someone really strong.

Scariness Factor: 2.5-These are really, really stiff props. The dog and the dragon in particular (when the latter isn't portrayed by alright stop-motion) just flail their heads around to try and look threatening. The bear is a step up, looking a bit rabid, and Polymorphous is just doing his job, so cut him and his goaty legs some slack.

Trivia: -This is actually meant to be a Hercules film (known as "Vengeance of Hercules"), but some folks were very desperate to have a sequel to "Goliath and the Barbarians", so there you go.

-Most of this is based on Hercules' 12th labor, in which he travelled underground to the kingdom of Hades to retrieve the three-headed guard-dog, Cerberus.

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The Chesire Cat made a bad decision to become a bat demon. Now, he's dead.

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