"He Ate the Oysters AND the Carpenter"

Films: Rogue Star Gorath (1962)

Alias: Magma, Wally the Walrus

Type: Ancient

Location: Tundra

Height/Weight: 50 meters and 25,000 metric tons.

Affiliation: Neutral

Summary: You know what those meteor apocalypse films are missing? Some good monster action to distract from the cheesy one-liners and destruction porn. And we'll get that action anywhere, even from a big deadly walrus. Yes, a walrus. Named Maguma.

History: Earth in peril! A big collapsed star core named Gorath is on a collision course with our planet (?). Time to pour all of our resources into literally hurling Earth out of its way away from the sun (?!?)! But wait, the rockets at the base in the North Pole just accidentally thawed out a giant prehistoric walrus named Maguma (?!?!?!?!?!?)!

Notable Kills: None.

Final Fate: After a laser-inflicted avalanche fails, the people just use the laser on Maguma, leaving him a bloody heap on the rocks below. Now that the giant killer walrus is dead, we can go back to...pushing...away...the planet...from the incoming star core...this has been a weird day.

Powers/Abilities: None except resilience.

Weakness: Anything bigger than a few tanks works to a fault, though electricity seems to be his least favorite attack.

Scariness Factor: Really advanced weaponary.

Trivia: -Maguma's name comes ironically from magma, the term for molten rock below ground.

-Maguma was solely included to appeal to the kaiju craze of Japan at the time. Despite this, the U.S. version of the film cut him out for looking too silly to the director, who even called him mockingly "Wally the Walrus". Tellingly, his corpse is what made it in the film.

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Turns out, the runaway celestial object is the main focus.

"So, no sleep for me?"
If it were that big, the movie would be over quite quickly.

"Would someone please explain what's hovering over me?"

Well...he certainly isn't coming back for any sequels.