"The Apple Fell Lightyears from the Tree"

Films: Son of Godzilla (1967), Destroy All Monsters (1968), All Monsters Attack (1969)

Alias: Minilla, Minira, Milla

Type: Natural

Location: Jungle

Height/Weight: 13 meters and 1,800 metric tons.

Affiliation: Good

Summary: Godzilla isn't immortal, so obviously there will need to be another generation of great atomic lizards to defend the Earth in the future. But luckily, though inexplicably, Big G's found an heir for the throne. And it's...a dumpy scaly Pillsbury Dough Boy. We're doomed.

History: After Leichi Island blew up, Godzilla took up residence on the weather experiment-addled lands of Solgell Island. Aside from the irritating amount of arthropod kaiju, there was also a giant egg buried somewhere in a cliff. A group of Kamacurai cracked it open, and out hatched Minya. The giant mantises proceeded to beat it senseless before Godzilla intervened. But then the little thing latched onto him as a father. Goji, not big on parenting, tried to ignore him most of the time, but he just kept coming back, so the monster king ended up having to show his adoptive son the ropes, however well he might do it.

Notable Kills: Nothing special. That is, except landing the death blow on King Ghidorah himself with a smoke ring to the middle head.

Final Fate: After helping Godzilla kill Kumonga, Minya and his father prepare to hibernate together after a weather experiment causes the island to get snowed in. He was last seen on Monster Island. And then there was that stint in which he was in the dreams of some brat having bully issues with Gabara. He could talk with the voice of a stunted Barney and change size. We rarely, if EVER, talk about that.

Powers/Abilities: Minya's breath weapon is his father's...only during times of high stress, such as stomping on his tail. Aside from that, the default is his atomic smoke rings, which can disorient and strangle opponents. In that kid's bullsh*t-land, he can talk and change size. Thanks for the crouch shot of him while he did that last thing, 1969. Now go get into the sea.

Weakness: Minya is incredibly timid and susceptible to tantrums, much to his father's ire. He has never held his own against other kaiju without assistance.

Scariness Factor: 1.5-Minya wasn't meant to be scary. In fact, he may be the most adorably insufferable kaiju on the map. From his wimpy donkey-esque noises to his punching-bag status among enemy kaiju, one has to wonder how much patience Godzilla has to consider him his son. Still, got to admire the little guy's resolve at time.

Trivia: -Minya's Japanese name, Minira, derives from a combination of the word "mini" and Godzilla's Japanese name, "Gojira".

-Due to Minya's toddler-esque movement, manipulating the suit was a bit more of a chore than the others were.

Image Gallery

Minya is THROUGH with messing around.

A walk into the flames might as well have been the final fate of Minya.

Father-son "quality" time.

What HAPPENED to you guys?!

Our next "king".

Minya, being stoned, serves as a metaphor behind the making of this film.

I had a monster egg, once. It was my landlord's cooking.

Admit it. You thought this was cute.

This is the most awesome this film can be. And it's a poster. Dang.

The Kamacuras is the highlander, apparently.

Albino Ghidorah joins the ranks of Albino Gyaos as a forgotten idea.

Looks like Minya learned of Godzilla's "happy moment".

First impressions are always important when the future of the world is at stake.

Damage Control Groups...I've got some bad news.

Sadly, that Mega-Ship and giant human don't appear. Niether does Kong.

A thankfully accurate depiction of Godzilla's son.

Deep within that hatred lies a heart.

Featuring the All-Star cast!

Before the Avengers...there were these heroes and one villain.

You look at this and TELL me there's a god.