"Dr. Griffin can Bite a Big One"

Films: The Human Vapor (1960)

Alias: The Human Vapor, The Gas Man, The Vapor Man

Type: Mutant

Location: Haunted Home/Civilized Area

Height/Weight: That of an average human.

Affiliation: Neautral, leaning on Evil

Summary: This guy is beyond invisible. It doesn't matter what you try barricading away from him. He'll just slip through the cracks like a ghost. You could say he is one in fact, but really, he's the product of pure mad science.

History: Mizuno, normally an average librarian, held a dark secret. For long ago, his career as a test pilot ended not only after he discovered he had cancer, but because he was about to be the test subject of an experiment that would make man impervious to the sun's rays. It went horribly wrong, and Mizuno ended up a gaseous form before regaining his original look. Soon, he found his powers were great for robbery in the name of his love interest, a rather broken dancer. He would steal money for her even if it meant death to all.

Notable Kills: See Powers/Abilities.

Final Fate: After being lured into a theatre, Mizuno's love sacrifices herself to set the place ablaze with them both in it. Mizuno could barely come out of the wreckage before dying out completely.

Powers/Abilities: Mizuno can enter a vapor-like form invisible to the eye, as well as strangle people without hands.

Weakness: Extreme heat will evaporate him.

Scariness Factor: 4-Unless you got some kerosene to light the place up, you're screwed. Mizuno is the Invisible Man if he could get you without having to worry about obstacles in his physical path. No one is safe from this crook, unless they're willing to turn up the heat.

Trivia: -The name "Mizuno" translates in English to "water field".

-The process of a solid turning into a gas is commonly known as sublimation.

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If he wasn't scary before...
Hold on a sec. Living color?!

It's usually heartwarming to see an inhuman monster love like a man. When the "inhuman" part is physical, that is.

Guys, quit gawking at the scientific abomination.