"No Bug Zapper in the World Compares"

Films: Mothra (1961), Godzilla Vs. Mothra (1963), Ghidorah, the Three Headed Monster (1964), Ebirah: Horror of the Deep (1964), Destroy All Monsters (1968)

Alias: Mosura

Type: Mystical

Location: Jungle/Ocean/Civilized Area

Height/Weight: 180 meters and 15,000 metric tons (larva), 60 meters and 15,000 metric tons (Imago).

Affiliation: Good

Summary: In the world of kaiju, one has more power over the humans than any other. One loved more than all, feared slightly less than all. This is Mothra, and her progeny.

History: Mothra is the moniker given to a race of gigantic moths that come from the mysterious lands of Infant Island, home of the Shobijin, two doll-sized women that act as translators and heralds of the great beast. Mothra's first contact with modern Japan happened when some idiots decided the Shobijin would make for great show-biz. Cue a giant caterpillar breaking out of the egg and heading her way towards Tokyo. After cocooning there and reaching its Imago (adult) form, she found the two after leaving most of the city a smoldering ruin. And then Godzilla showed up...

Notable Kills: Nothing special.

Final Fate: The original Mothra is killed by Godzilla, but her egg (how is it that big?!) produces two larva that send him away. The first one dies under mysterious circumstances, while the second rallies big G and Rodan against Ghidorah, reaches adult form to help clean up the Red Bamboo's mess, and produces a heir of its own to live on Monster Island.

Powers/Abilities: Mothra can psychically communicate with humans and especially the Shobijin, as well as produce hurricane winds with a flap of her wings. She can also spread poison "scales" from the wings. Her offspring can fire incredibly dense silk at foes and themselves for cocooning.

Weakness: Something of equal or greater power, like Godzilla.

Scariness Factor: 2.5-Moths aren't that intimidating, and that's sorta the point. Mothra is a benevolent and kind Goddess at heart, but still, don't piss her off. She'll make you and your friends pay for it.

Trivia: -In most cultures, moths symbolize determination and faith. They can also mean death.

-The largest moth recorded is the eastern Hercules Moth, with a wingspan nearly a foot long, the largest of any insect.

Image Gallery

An uglier, but more proactive Mothra.

When did Godzilla get dwarfed by Mothra again?

A mother will do anything for her young.

Ghidora: Soulless, evil, and ready for carnage.

What's wrong with Ebirah's name?

What HAPPENED to you guys?!

Battra had a bigger influence on her life back in the day.

Forget Ghost Godzilla! Meet Ghost Mothra!

Hey, look. Her kids finally made it.

When breath weapons go wrong.

The loss of her sibling did a number on her eyesight.

Wow! Mothra got straight-up possessed!

"You get a pass."

Revere her magnificence!

The rise of a goddess.

Infant Island doesn't get caught in the crossfire. Don't worry.

"Go to school, Godzilla!"

You'd think this was Rodan's movie.

King Ghidorah begins to regret his attempted genocide.

Mothra's looking a bit Heisei herself.

Damage Control Groups...I've got some bad news.

Did someone switch films?

Sadly, that Mega-Ship and giant human don't appear. Niether does Kong.
Apocalypse of the Peace.

Oh, sure. Kick 'em while they're down.

"Just ignore it and keep walking..."

Her followers trancend even her island.
Mothra: The first organic ariel transport vehicle of Japan.

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