"No Man is an Island"

Films: Mysterious Island (1961)

Alias: Giant Crab, Giant Chicken, Giant Bee, Giant Ammonite

Type: Man-Made (Crab, Chicken, Bee), Ancient (Ammonite)

Location: Jungle/Ocean

Height/Weight: From that of a large van to that of a small building.

Affiliation: Neutral

Summary: An island is a great place to play God, especially if no one knows where it is. Feel free to defy nature's laws in the name of science every day. Just make sure your creations can control themselves.

History: Captain Nemo, an extremist advocate for world peace, has secluded himself and his ship, the Nautilus, on an isolated island in the Pacific in order to conduct experiments on the wildlife to stop world hunger. Alas, his experiments result in giant delicious animals that end up claiming the island for themselves. Things get trickier when a group of Civil War escapees and pirates find their way to his domain.

Notable Kills: None.

Final Fate: The crab gets shoved into a boiling pit to be cooked, the chicken is stabbed repeatedly in the neck before being cooked as well, the ammonite is shot by a ray gun to death, and everything else, including Nemo, perishes once the volcano there inevitably erupts.

Powers/Abilities: None except strength.

Weakness: Anything conventional.

Scariness Factor: 3.5-The creatures put up a good display to threaten our heroes, and the bees look rather unnerving up close, but they're taken out rather easily, if only due to numbers and available weapons.

Trivia: -The giant chicken closely resembles a Phorusrhachos, an extinct species of flightless birds.

-The location for the island was Sa Conca Bay, a place located in Catalonia, Spain.

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"I've been hanging here for HOURS! HELP!"

Time for something WORSE than a giant Ammonite!

Beware the non-existant siren.

At least it isn't Foghorn Leghorn.


Trust me, the film is not a cartoon.

At least she's a good housekeeper.
The only thing missing is a pissed-off gigantic ammonite.

Is that Mario's chalk outline?

The world through Spongebob's eyes.