"Satan's Salad Bar"

Films: Navy Vs. The Night Monsters (1966)

Alias: None

Type: Ancient

Location: Jungle

Height/Weight: That of an average human.

Affiliation: Neutral

Summary: Yes, we admit in this time and age, new species of plants are a welcome sight. After all, what else is going to keep the Earth fresh and clean? Well, how about anything that doesn't come to life and kill everything!

History: Somewhere since the first ice age, the seeds of a nocturnal carnivorous plant species are waiting to be discovered. Cue some Navy men undergoing Operation: Deep Freeze finding the seeds. Unfortunately, their craft crashes into their base on the tropical Gow Island, and the seeds germinate into invasive predators storming the island.

Notable Kills: If you ever wanted to see Bud from "Father Knows Best" get his arm gnawed off by acidic plant monsters, here's your remedy here.

Final Fate: After some unsuccessful offensives on the monsters, the air force is called in, and the island is napalmed to the point where the beasts are nothing but ash. Hooray, you saved the island by reducing most of it to smoldering ruin! Give yourself a pat on the back, America!

Powers/Abilities: The monsters can secrete acid, and are impervious to most weaponry.

Weakness: Fire, and lots of it.

Scariness Factor: 3- Hey, at least it's not "The Happening"! These faceless piles of killer spinach are an interesting threat, especially with their acid and such, but they're held back by slow movement and a weakness to fire.

Trivia: -Operation: Deep Freeze is a name given any Navy missions in Antarctica that began in the late 50's.

-According to the filmmakers, upon hearing of this film's final title, the cast was appalled and ready to walk out for some reason.

Image Gallery

The REAL Night Monsters. Not the cabbage heaps you see in the film.
Looks like one of theme hijacked a jet. How about that?
Oh, yes. Strut your way to the cover as your companions are devoured.