"Mother Knows Best"

Films: Psycho (1960), Psycho 2 (1983), Psycho 3 (1986), Psycho 4: The Begginning (1990)

Alias: Norma Bates

Type: Natural

Location: Haunted Home

Height/Weight: That of an average human.

Affiliation: Neutral, leaning on Good

Summary: Of all the crooks and killers on this site, none are perhaps more terrifying or pitiful than everyone's favorite mama's boy, Norman Bates. The result of parental neglect and abuse-driven devotion, Norman is a truly broken individual taking his plight out on the world. Or at least, those who dare check in to the Bates Motel.

History: Born to the mentally-unsound Norma Bates, Norman found that his mother was all he had after his father died when he was age six. He was taught by Norma that any sexual urges are uncouth, even so much as getting aroused is punishable. Upon seeing her with another man, he murdered them both in a vicious jealousy-induced rage. To make up for the guilt of killing her, Norman kept her corpse, and even developed a second personality based entirely on her. If he were to ever become attracted to another woman, he would don her mother's clothes and a wig, and kill the source of whatever might separate him from "Mother".

Notable Kills: Nothing Norman does in the past or future can surpass the infamous "shower scene". Until then, it was the most visceral and unexpected things to come out of cinema, along with one of the most terrifying themes conceived. Hitchcock was no pushover. In summary, it was one of Norman's victims getting stabbed in the shower repeatingly while set to heart-piercing violin music.

Final Fate: Norman is incarcerated and rehabilitated several times to the point of being ridiculous, but eventually, he manages to settle down with another after burning down he and his mother's house, vanquishing the mad ghosts of the past forever. Heck, he even sires a son! It's implied, though, that his mother's ghost still lives, but trapped forever in a house nobody will visit again.

Powers/Abilities: He can perfectly mimic his mother's voice and mannerisms.

Weakness: Anything conventional, but once you remove that wig, he usually collapses in a fit of having his mindset shattered for a time.

Scariness Factor: 4-One can argue that Norma is the real monster, and Norman is merely the means to the end. But even then, that's just the product of a broken mind. Played by Anthony Perkins with deceptive awkwardness, Norman is a psychopath that is only redeemed because of how the source of it all was taken out.

Trivia: -Norman's plight is based on, like many other killers we'll cover, the real-life killings of Ed Gein, a loony who was also shut away from any social and/or sexual interaction by his equally insane mother, Augusta. He was also known as "The Butcher of Plainfield".

-Anthony Perkins was known for adamantly boycotting the production of a series based on the franchise he starred in known as "Bates Motel" in the 80s. Sadly for him, twenty-one years after he died in 1992, A&E produced a hit series of the same name about an alternate interpretation on how Norman's insanity came to be. At least it's better than the 1998 shot-for-shot remake we will not be discussing ever. I mean, Vince Vaugn as Norman?!

Image Gallery

Ask yourself. Do you REALLY want to see what goes down here?

There are those proud of their work and then there's this.

Don't worry. The fire will consume Norman's mother soon...

Step by horrible step...

Crimes of passion, not profit.

You keep telling yourself that she did it.

This will not end well...

Matter of perspective, really.

A shame of what he would turn into.

Wait until she rots...

A little bird pecked at Norman's brain...and the mother hen had just gone insane...

Quit picking your nose, Hitchcock.


No, seriously. WHAT?!

When Lucifer took over Mother who took over Norman...


You've been working out?

It's happening again...

Today, his mother finally gets sent to the Underworld.

"Wait, why does a hotline like this exist?"

Norman's killer instict was something back in the day.
"Unexplored", being how you could piss off the censors.

And NONE of it is cut! Yeah. We persevered.

Living or dead? Take your pick.

"Norman, stop ruining my movie."

What Norman sees when he goes into Mother Mode.

We all go a bit mad, indeed.

How has this place not been bulldozed by now?!

A romance destined to end in failure (though it's not all his fault, this time).

Old habits die hard.

This is where it all MUST end...

Such a handsome teenager. Can't quite read him, though.

An old flame of Norman. We won't be seeing her for very long.
A face to haunt you forever.

Norman's mother was quite the looker back in the day.

Norman: Insanity, loyalty, and sorrow.

A face for sorry eyes.

Quit dangling the keys, Normy.

Not even the nursing home will take her!

This REALLY will not end well in the long run.

Took a while, but love won out in the end.