Films: Jack the Giant Killer (1962)

Alias: Pendragon, Cormoran, Witch of the Flame, Witch of the Wind, various other Witches, Knights of the Dragon’s Teeth, Two-Headed Giant, Sea Reptile

Type: Mystical

Location: Civilized Area/Ocean/p>

Height/Weight: From that of an average human to that of a large grain silo.

Affiliation: Evil, Good (Sea Reptile)

Summary: If you thought those Sinbad movies needed to be denser and cheezier, have we got a treat for you! Filled with clunky stop-motion and costumes that wouldn’t be out of place in a twisted Mardi Gras, this film runs the gamut in sword and sorcery of the times.

History: Many ages ago, the evil prince of witches and giants Pendragon was defeated and cast away by rival wizard Herla. But Pendragon outlived the hero, and began planning his takeover of the Duchy of Cornwall. His first move is to kidnap the princess by whatever means possible, be it giants disguised as creepy party gifts or elemental witches. But a brave farm boy stands in his way. This is Jack, and with the help of some pals and a leprechaun in a bottle, he'll fight to bring down Pendragon's forces.

Notable Kills: One guy gets the business end of the flame witch's fiery pitchfork. Ow.

Final Fate: Cormoron the giant gets stabbed repeatedly by a scythe to death from Jack, the knights are taken out by a magic whip once Jack seizes the bone (ha!), the two-headed giant gets strangled and mauled by the sea reptile, and Pendragon tries to stop the escaping heroes by transforming into a wyvern. He gets shanked in the back with a sword for it, and once his dead body plummets to the sea, his castle and all of its inhabitants perish and disappear.

Powers/Abilities: The witch of the wind can emit sonic waves from her mouth that blow people away with the force of a hurricane, the witch of the flame carries a pitchfork that ignites whatever it touches, and Pendragon has no shortage of evil-summoning spells and shapeshifting tricks up his sleeve.

Weakness: Anything conventional.

Scariness Factor: 3.5-As said before, a lot of these stop-motion creatures wouldn't be out of place in a particularly darker episode of Gumby. Still, the witches can be pretty creepy, especially the wind witch, with that damn gaping mouth of hers.

Trivia: -The film had a rerelease in the form of a musical due to Columbia Pictures threatening to sue the producer for the film's similarity to their previous film, "The 7th Voyage of Sinbad". The music-less film didn't get released until 3 decades later.

-Speaking of Sinbad, this film stars Kerwin Mathews and Thorin Thatcher, and was produced by Edward Small. All of these people had something to do with the Sinbad movie.

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The Neverending Story's lesser known companion book.

"Could you keep that sword away from my daughter, farmer?"

"Refrain from comments about my hat, please."

Savage Vs. Slightly-less Savage

Flanked by both madman and monstrosity.

"Personally, this looks better."

The florist from Hell.
"I'm going to punch that Wyvern in the face!"

No, this is not a bootleg version of Sinbad.

All she does is spout rapid-fire lyrics of Justin Bieber songs. Not wind.

A mockery to dragons everywhere.
Ridley shakes his head from his spaceship.

Jack, the idiotic coward non-giant killer who can't spell!

"Time to SLAM the monkey!"