"Who Forgot the RAID?"

Films: Genocide: War of the Insects (1968)

Alias: Swarms of Super Hornets

Type: Natural/Mutant

Location: Jungle

Height/Weight: That of an average Japanese Hornet.

Affiliation: Neutral

Summary: Nuclear war is the worst thing, and humans aren't the only ones that fear it. The insects of the world cannot stand it, and even if mankind annihilates itself with its weapons, don't think for a second that the native bugs will just stay on the sidelines forever...

History: For years, a species of highly venomous Japanese giant hornets has been living on a secluded island, but not for long. Upon seeing a plane carrying an H-bomb, the swarm springs into action and brings the thing down to the ground, killing most of the crew. Soon, a gaggle of folks is coming to fight over both the bomb and the fate of the pissed off stingers. Oh, and one of them is amplifying their deadliness just for good measure. Yay.

Notable Kills: What part of "swarm a plane until it catches fire and crashes" did you not understand?

Final Fate: The hornets, not content to just sit around watching idiots argue, assault and kill most of the cast. The bomb is detonated, but it has little effect, and the swarm moves away for both greener pastures and perhaps a bit more ambitious payback on humanity...

Powers/Abilities: Their venom is twice as deadly as a regular Japanese hornet, which is saying something.

Weakness: Anything conventional.

Scariness Factor: 4.5-These things come and sting you not in the hundreds, but the thousands. Unless you came equipped with a full-body suit, you might as well be headed into a meat grinder when confronting these guys. And thanks for the close-ups of them biting, movie, really.

Trivia: -Up to 30 to 40 Japanese folks die due to hornet stings a year.

-Another name for the Japanese giant hornet is the Osuzumebachi, which quite literally means "Giant Sparrow Bee".

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They're DONE messing around.

And yes, those giant bugs show up. We just couldn't find a pic.

Hell of the insects.

Well, they went for the quick way out. Both man and bug.

Kamikazee Katydids. I heavily apologize for that joke.