"The Irate Ape"

Films: King Kong Vs. Godzilla (1962), King Kong Escapes (1967)

Alias: None

Type: Natural

Location: Jungle/Civilized Area

Height/Weight: 45 meters and one metric ton.

Affiliation: Neutral, leaning on Good

Summary: Back in America, audiences had one giant monster to be truly proud of, and he was Kong. So one day, someone decided that an idea only possible in then-nonexistent fan-fiction would rake in the big bucks. Thus, a larger, more powerful Kong was introduced into Toho's kaiju universe to take on Godzilla.

History: On Skull...er, Farou Island, the natives worshipped Kong, who fought giant octopi and was kept in a calm mood by the juice of the local Soma berry. But then civilization came and, seeing a chance for profit, stole Kong away via raft, only for him to break free of his restraints and rampage in Japan for a bit before Godzilla came in and sent him away. Seeing an opportunity for them to destroy each other, the two monsters were escorted (Kong via balloons!) near Mt. Fuji to do battle. Kong survived, and moved to Mondo island…where the evil Dr. Who (not that one) had his eye on...

Notable Kills: He once broke the jaw of Gorosaurus, although that actually didn't kill him for long.

Final Fate: Kong not only defeats Godzilla, but the robot counterpart of his built by Dr. Who. He then finds the terrorist's sub, trashes it, and kills him before heading home.

Powers/Abilities: Kong is very resistant to electricity to the point of being able to absorb and charge it into power. He can also take much more damage than that, such as Godzilla's thermonuclear ray.

Weakness: Something of greater or equal power, like Godzilla. Also, Soma Berry juice will put him into a sleepy trance.

Scariness Factor: 3.5-This Kong is a bit unsettling to look at due to that overly primal face of his, and he's capable of causing massive damage, but he's ultimately a good guy capable of understanding humans, so it's all good.

Trivia: -Kong was supposed to appear in the Heisei Era of Godzilla, but copyright owners prevented it, not wanting to see Kong in another Japanese production because reasons.

-Some German distributions of the Showa films changed some names of monsters to "King Kong" for audience appeal. Similarly, they shoehorned "Frankenstein" in some titles for the same purpose.

Image Gallery

Rock beats radiation.

King Kong 1933 vs. Godzilla 1954. How about that?

"Let's see...truck..."

"New reincarnation. New trouble."

Look to the poster to the right for maximum devastation.

Why blind him when you can zap him?

Electricity lines apparently make great garrots.

Even when they make Kong bigger, Godzilla still comes out on top!

Beware the fury of Kong.


"Hey, Frank. Nice Kong statue...wait..."

Mario watches intently.

Purple kong?!

Did King Kong become an actual god when that lightning hit him?

"This vacation sucks!"

Trains actually don't make good nunchucks.

At least Oodaku made it.

"...or lady?"

"Not the worst bender I've been on, but..."

It really should be a fight to cherish. It's...average.

"What the heck am I even doing with my life?!"

"Dr. Who, your warranty has expired!"