"Piles of Ugly"

Films: Island of Terror (1966)

Alias: None

Type: Man-Made

Location: Haunted Home

Height/Weight: That of a large dog.

Affiliation: Neutral

Summary: Don't let a book be judged by its cover. If you saw these things slinking around, you'd probably scoff. Now try saying that to its non-existent face and see how many BONES you got.

History: In a bid to cure cancer, some scientist somehow created a new life form from the silicon atom. These creatures, called Silicates, had a taste for liquid bones, and almost immediately took over the island they were on. And then some guests arrive...

Notable Kills: See Powers/Abilities.

Final Fate: After their weakness is discovered, the Silicates are helpless after they eat some cattle infected with radiation. But meanwhile, some Japanese folk seem to be headed the exact same way that gave the Silicates life.

Powers/Abilities: The silicates eat by injecting a bone-liquifying enzyme into a victim. They also have hard carapaces impervious to most pain.

Weakness: Radiation, particularly the isotope Strontium-90, will kill them.

Scariness Factor: 4-Despite being kind of slow, the Silicates are both gruesomely bizarre and rather over-powered. Imagine having your entire skeleton dissolved while you're still alive. Not very pleasant, eh?

Trivia: -The name for this film's screenplay was "The Night the Silicates Came".

-Silicon is the 8th most common element in the universe, and the second most common one found in the Earth's crust.

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