"Poseidon Needs a Stern Talking To"

Films: Hercules and the Princess of Troy (1965)

Alias: None

Type: Mystical

Location: Ocean

Height/Weight: That of two sports cars in single file.

Affiliation: Neutral

Summary: Hercules couldn't have just been known for those labors he did. He had quite a life before (after?) those arduous days, seeing new lands, beating up whole armies, and in this case, finding time to help out scared-witless Trojans.

History: Presumably driven by a desire to mate with that big wooden horse the Trojans forgot to throw away, this sea louse-looking thing terrified all of Troy to the point where a maiden sacrifice was thought to be able to appease it (with the occasional idiot wannabe hero as an appetizer). Those who illegally escaped were captured and enslaved by pirates. Life sucked in Troy, until Hercules and his hearty crew came along and decided to lend a hand.

Notable Kills: One of the beast's whip-things on its back casually strikes someone and kills him. Even though crushing him with its body mass didn't work. Huh.

Final Fate: Hercules, after a little roughhousing, repeatedly stabs the monster in the belly before it collapses, allowing him to stab its brain, killing it and allowing the would-be sacrifice princess Diana to become queen of Troy.

Powers/Abilities: None.

Weakness: The spaces between the armor on the carapace reveals soft flesh, which is also what the underside is made of.

Scariness Factor: 3.5-This thing wins major points for how bizarre and novel it is for a Sword n' Sandal film, looking like an entomophobe's worst nightmare. However, it's not that mobile, so we can't take it TOO seriously.

Trivia: -This was meant to be the pilot for a TV series, but that never came to fruition.

-This film is also known as "Hercules vs. the Sea Monster". Thankfully, Ebirah wasn't willing to sue.

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He died the death that many Spartans would strive for.
"Hey! Who lit the sea?!"

"Gimme a kiss, babe!"

"Look, I just want to be loved, alright?!"
"Are you Hercules or some Italian bloke they found on the street?"

"Okay, guys. Help me out. Is this Hercules or Goliath? There was a bit of a mix-up a few years back."